Grint App?

Anyone use the Grint to track their rounds, GPS, etc?


I have used the Grint app for 2-3 years now. I am a Pro member and only use it to track my stats. I don’t use the GPS feature. It offers a good amount of stats to track if you want to know the state of your game from a statistical standpoint.

agreed, i have been using i for a couple of years now as well and really enjoy it as well

think i just sent you a friend request

I have been. I had been happy enough with it…but its been really glitchy lately.

The app kept entering my scores into the wrong hole when playing a 9-hole round a couple of weeks ago. I’ve also been getting logged out of the app entirely mid round semi-regularly as well, which really sucks since I can never remember the password and keep having to request an email to reset it, which then further perpetuates the cycle.

The app was entirely worthless at Sand Valley over the weekend, with no GPS available, then it logged me out of the app entirely on the 16th hole, and overall was just a glitchy pain in the ass the entire round.

Definitely don’t think I’m going to renew my pro membership when it comes up soon.

thats frustrating…sometimes i will close it out mid round on accident when closing other apps and its pretty quick and easy to start back up and pick up where you left off, but def would be frustrated if it was just closing on its own

i had an issue like you mentioned though where it booted me on like 16 and i couldnt pick up where i left off, but that was only once

Not only has it closed on its own, but its logged me out and required me to reenter my username and password…which I can never remember because I’m always having to reset the password in a panic on the course because I can’t remember what I chose the last time I was in this position…as that time was also in a panic on the course…

Was literally walking down 16 at SV on Friday hitting refresh on my gmail and hoping that I’d get enough signal via my shitty Sprint cell network that I’d be able to get back into the app so I could enter my score. It was basically the final straw with me for the app. Used a scorecard and a pencil on Sunday and didn’t once miss the app.

that sucks for sure there

i like it for the score keeping aspect, especially when im playing with friends and we are basing out bets off net scores, its easier to me to just enter in all the scores and boom, theres the net for everyone

i also like following peoples rounds online when they are playing…buddy of mine played during the day last week and i was like a junky hitting the refresh to see what he had gotten on each hole and where he was at in his match

sad, i know


Ok…who changed the thread title! :joy:


munihack, guess the Grindr was more his style

to be fair, Arccos app had GPS overviews of just sand dunes after #11. Course is just too damn young.

Yeah, I kind of figured the gps issue was related to that, which also gave me the excuse to buy a yardage book. Bigger issue I had was the rest of the app function not working on Friday, when it shouldn’t have been impacted.

Ahh. You weren’t using it at Lawsonia were you? I never noticed you doing so.

I think it’s a great app that needs a ton of work. It’s not entirely intuitive, which is a huge issue. Also, I feel like sometimes there are things I can access on the app that I can’t access on the website (or they seem to not be in the same place). Tiny things like that, which I wish they would have addressed before launching the Gimme app.

I’ve never used it extensively for the GPS. When I did, I never had the issues y’all have described.

I’m likely to keep my pro membership into the future.

Correct I wasn’t using it. Didn’t need it for keeping score since we had to turn in the scorecard. Speaking of which, I wonder why they never got our scorecard from round 1? I know someone from the staff there grabbed ours as we were parking? But Andy said they never got one?? Not that it really mattered to me, more just morbid curiosity then anything.

My cell signal was so bad all weekend that I don’t think the GPS function would have even worked, which the ability to save course maps on your phone for use without a cell signal is a feature that really needs to be added.

How was Arcos treating you?

Also, it’s not really entirely clear what a “grint” actually is, which I think makes them look silly.

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I gave mine to the kid too. He must have lost both of them.

You must be AT&T…I was pissing off J Kavanaugh by putting up picture after picture of Mammoth on social media. Arccos I like so far. Worked well at “Law-SON-I-A” Ready to get another 5-6 rounds in so it’s starts “caddying”


Weird on the scorecards. Oh well, not like we were in the running for much.

I cannot handle the name Grint. It sounds like a particularly difficult poop.


My buddies and I all use it to track our handicaps (a few of us have GHINs too). So if you simply need a handicap, it’s great. It isn’t “official” but I’ve heard that most places requiring a handicap will honor your index from the Grint.

It’s also fun to see when your friends post a good score or if you have notifications on, it will send out messages for birdies. Sometimes I’ll check my phone 10 min after a birdie and have a couple texts from my buddies.

GPS feature is actually pretty useful on a course you’ve never been to before. Not 100% accurate yardages, but if you need to know safe layups or carry distances, it will get the job done.

Finally, if you have an Apple Watch, it’s much more useful. Easy way to keep your putting, fairways, and GIRs (does this automatically based on putting and score) without ever having to look at your phone and it will provide generally useful front/middle/back yardages that are great to have in conjunction with a rangefinder.


pretty sure its an official handicap as it is USGA compliant…its just not a GHIN handicap

thats cool it links to Apple Watch, nice benefit to to have there

i think my favorite part of it is being able to keep up with friends rounds/scores tbh; the social aspect of it i really enjoy