Greenville SC golf courses

I will be in Greenville April 16-19. Any recommendations for golf down there? Obviously would love to play Greenville CC if anyone can help with that…

IMO Chanticleer is the best if you can get on. Outside of that there is a lot of average honestly. Some of the cliffs places are fun, and Cherokee valley has some great views.
Two underrated suggestions

  1. Crosswinds is a cool par 3 near downtown that is a great play at night
  2. Fox run in Simpsonville is an easy walk and a fun track with really interesting greens. Also cost effective compared to other courses that just don’t shine imo

Post when in town and I’ll come play with you

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Will do. Thanks man!

Hit up @tigergolftraveler, he’s the man.

Depends on connections. If you can get on GCC is best. Thornblade is ok. My club is Holly Tree but I’ll be out of town. Could set you up there. Also CC of Spartanburg is great.

As far as public, Furman’s course is decent. If you see anything else when looking just let me know and I’ll give my two cents.

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Yeah lots of great private courses. Riverside at GCC is great and has some low key Augusta vibes with the undulations and open feel.

Public is a little tougher. Furman is the best public course in the area. Easy walk, great condition and a reasonable price. Highly recommend, most all of the serious guys who aren’t members at private courses play at Furman consistently.

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Another recommendation for Furman if you’re going public. I’d rank Verdae as the second best public option, you just have to hit it straight there.

I’m in Greenville twice a month for work. Once we get a little more daylight would definitely meet up for at least 9 after leaving the office.

I’ll vote down Verdae :joy:. Haha, have never liked that course.


Agreed. I know a lot of people like it (or at least play it often), but I would rather drive out of my way to somewhere like Furman, Cherokee Valley, or Willow Creek. I’m partial to Furman (obviously) and I think it’s worth the play. I like CV and WC better than Verdae, but CV has a lot of the same issues I don’t love about Verdae. You would almost be better off to drive over to Clemson and play the Walker Course versus some of the other public options in Greenville.

Love living in the Greenville area. So many good things going on here, but the public golf is not great.

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Well at least everyone agrees Furman is the best public option lol.


Thanks for the recommendations! Per the wife my buddy and I will only have time for one round. I think we are going to land on Furman. I will post the week of if anyone wants to join. Cheers boys!

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Awesome. I’ll be down at the Heritage if you are still coming on the same dates but hopefully some of these hooligans can join. Where are you coming in from again?

Charlotte… we are going down for a long weekend with another couple. Heard good things about Greenville

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You’ll love it. Charlotte is solid too. Lived there for an intern summer and 10 months after school before I got married.

Just popping in to say more good things about Furman. I played there many years ago in a junior event and enjoyed it very much.

Verdae was a different story. We played it in a college event and I remember it having the smallest greens that I’ve ever played. I remember # 2(?), I think, was a par 3 over water playing ~200 yards and having to land it on a green that was not deep at all. Added to the fact that it can get a little claustrophobic in spots, and it was a challenge. What I remember most was our #1 man losing the tournament in a playoff to a kid with a graphite-shafted putter. No offense to anyone here that uses one, but we never let him live that one down.


Do you know about the Charlotte Meetup March 14th?

I did see that a couple days ago… looked like I might be a little late. Is there room?

Should be for now.

Hi all–do folks have thoughts on Holly Tree v. Green Valley CC? I may be relocating to Greenville (from DC) within the next year and have started doing a little research on options. Saw this dormant thread and thought some of you may have insight. Cheers!