Graduation trip

What’s up everyone! Graduating college in December and planning on taking a trip with the family most likely in January. I’m big into golf obviously so want to go somewhere with nice courses to play but also with other things to do in the area so everyone has a great time. Thinking about Pebble Beach obviously right now but want to hear other ideas. Looking to stay in the US just because not sure what the travel restrictions will be like then with COVID.

Congratulations on your hard work.

Go to Pebble Beach. Just get it over with. I have yet to play and here I sit, some 48 years into this thing called “life” and I regret having not played Pebble Beach.

Other regrets you’ll want to avoid in the coming years…
Long-term relationships
Drugs in foreign countries


If I had “go to pebble beach” money as soon as I graduated college, I would have spent it on drugs in foreign countries.


“Go West Young Gui”

If Pebble Beach is in your budget, by all means go for it. You only live once.


January weather + Fun for the family + US + golf. Only a couple answers compute there my man, Pebble is a good choice. Pinehurst would be spotty weather, Streamsong would probably leave the family wonting.

It’s either Pebble or take your chances w/ HHI, Sea Island or Jax area, at that time.

Wild card shout out for Hawaii though…

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Yet only 1 hour 20 to Disney…

Okay so we are planning on flying into LA in January and out of San Fran about a week later. Obviously Pebble is at the top of my list, but with non resort guests only having 24 hours prior to make a tee time, thats quite the gamble along with the very high price lol. Best courses on that drive from LA to San Fran? I feel like Pasatiempo is probably the best option, correct?

Jumping in on this: Graduating Law School in the spring and dad said he would take me anywhere. Considering Bandon, Pinehurst, Ireland etc. Problem is dad wouldn’t do 36 a day wherever we go. Any recommendations on places he can enjoy other stuff if I wanted to get a second round in afternoon. Looking in May.