GolfNow... or else

This feels really gross.

Someone convince me that it’s not?


Wonder if NBC is throwing the PGA Tour a bone to try and re-land the TV contract?

How soon until we have to join Golfpass to be able to make tee times anywhere?

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Particularly someone who works in a golf shop or runs runs a golf course. It’s been a long, long time since I was at the helm of an EZLinks machine, but essentially having one viable option for POS/tee time distribution seems… shitty.

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It’s fine! Think of all the synergistic growth that comes out of two competitors merging!

Everyone wins, especially the consumer!


It’s absolutely disgusting, but I think there’s an even more popular “booking agent” that courses use that wasn’t EZ Links…

Lemme ask around

Or if they’re going wayyyyy in on their most profitable asset because they’re going to get way fewer events.

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It’s all happening.


Read a Golfweek article about this, and there was a part in there that blew me away. Golfnow is a very sizable part of Golf Channel’s income, mainly due to the healthy margins that they get from bookings of rounds. Acquiring could be a buffer against Golf Channel losing income if they lose PGA Tour rights in the future.

Does anyone know if “Golf Facility” is under the EZLinks/GolfNow umbrella?
That’s what a good chunk of munis in Chicagoland use

Scummy? Yes. Gross? Sure. Legal? Until further notice…

Something about morality vs. legality…



Hear me out. GolfChannel is actually bad for golf.


That news plus this today:

GC’s Executive producer moving over to the Olympics. I’m not saying, I’m just saying.

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Wait, you don’t like watching Bagger Vance on repeat every week?

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Oh hell ya

It seems a bit silly that there isn’t a method of booking tee times online for a course without a middle man taking money off the top. I can’t imagine THAT many people book tee times directly on golfnow

It’s just a scheduling app on a course website. How hard could it be?

Flanked only by “Seven Days in Utopia”

This is bad for our collective wallets. The only good thing is when the courses start getting screwed the barrier to entry to startup a competitor is low.

Wait, are you serious about this? This is classic software-as-a-service.

Toast does this for point-of-sale for restaurants, for example. ADP… literally every software company ever.

Are you suggesting that each course should build their own website? Hire a consultant? Hash it out? Definitely easier for them to just pay a company who does it for everyone.