Golfer's Journal Sheep Ranch Preview

Didn’t see one created yet for this incredible event. Limited to 42 spots, anybody thinking about trying to make a play?


I’m seriously considering it. Wife gave me the go-ahead and I think it’ll fit my work schedule.


$2K to only play 2 courses and the short course? That’s a no from me dog.


You’d need to take advantage of the replay rate to make it worth it. I’m also curious if you’d be able to book a round on the departure day. No chance I could make it work anyway.

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For sure. Personally if I’m going to spend the money to get out there I’m going in April and looking to play all the courses. Definitely more than once. Just doesn’t seem worth the money to say you played Sheep Ranch two weeks before the general public.

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I was psyched about it until I read “three round with the option for more” and one of those rounds is The Preserve…

Little comparison here. Let’s say they charge high season prices and you take a caddy. With these considerations:

Sheep Ranch: $350
Trails: $350
Preserve: $100
Two Nights Cheapest Available (The Lodge): $220/night = $440
Two Nights Most Expensive Available (Chrome Lake): $360/night = $720

Total: $1240 if you take the cheap rooms
Total: $1520 if you take the expensive rooms

Conclusion: If you were to do this trip on your own, you could easily play two more rounds of golf at full price than to do the TGJ package. Is early access to Sheep Ranch cool? Undeniably so. Is it worth the up charge of 2 full price rounds? No, I don’t think it is.


I mean, you can extend your stay. And the end of May is pretty ideal weather there. Less than $700/night including golf, breakfast, lunch+ doesn’t seem like a terrible deal.

Have you done this calculation with the NLU Scotland trip? Spoiler: you could do it MUCH cheaper if you planned it yourself.


I don’t want to think about that.



Nope. You volunteered to plan our trip for less.

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In April…very important point.

I might have a conflict.

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Where are you seeing the limit of 42 spots?

April 2021

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They mentioned it on the podcast announcement.

I’m guessing that month will be filled with the second Boise Duel, the Duel in Tallahassee, and the Refuge Mid-American Conference Alumni Tournament.


Yeah but Dumbarnie before the public!



My opinion, if you’re paying to play it, and anyone else had the opportunity to do so too, you are the public. If you are being invited out on Bandon’s or someone else’s tab, it is a VIP event invitation.

Shout out the 31 and Dumbarnie?

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