Golfers Journal for a non golf nut

This is a hard question to ask on this website as obviously anyone on here is a golf nut and a sliver of the golf population.

Have any of you given a subscription or shown copy’s of the Golfers Journal to people who aren’t already deep into the golf nut culture? If so did they seem into it? Thinking about giving a copy to my brother in law. He likes to play but he doesn’t totally read/research it online a ton. Will Golfers Journal be enjoyable to him or is it too “inside baseball” for non golf nuts to enjoy.

too inside baseball, which pains me to say.

I’ve mentioned / shown it to some big golfers, very talented golfers, but the reaction is “whatever, cool, I just like to play”.

Some have a personality that requires constant learning, about any and all interests, as an itch to be scratched. if he is like that, then yes, go for it.

But my experience is 9/10 of the people i play with infrequently or regularly are not into it. Think Brooks Koepka “i’m not a golf nerd”


Yeah, probably a bit much. I have very few friends that like it as much as I do. My buddy and I went to their art exhibit in New York over the summer - met the editors, The Merch Czar, DJ Pie, etc. We accept we’re just bigger nerds than most

My gf loves the pictures though


Thanks for the input, that’s sort of what I was thinking.

Definitely a deep dive beyond what most people find interesting. Although you get the rare instance of people like my wife who don’t even like golf but loved the photography and some of the historic pieces. Most of my friends look at me like I’m a wack job when I offer to let them read my issues.

Update, I ended up saying eff it getting my brother in law a subscription. He reported back to me that he likes it a lot. He compared it too being sort of like a National Geographic for golf. He said he’s getting the golf travel bug after seeing all the excellent photos.


Anecdotal, but I have had the opposite reaction of the prior posts. Virtually everyone I’ve shown the magazine to, even people who are not big golfers, are into it. If you were to just describe the magazine to someone, they may not fully “get it,” but when they get to hold it, thumb through it, see the length of the features and the quality of the photography and feel the weight of the paper/quality of the binding…people think "whoa, what is this?!"


Not sure if this is directly on point with this thread, but I’m very interested in subscribing myself. If you are a golf nut is the content worth it for the price per issue?

The Golfer’s Journal is perfect for non-golfers who enjoy stories that are well-told with world class photography. Come to think of it, it’s a lot more about the story than it is the game (it just so happens that the game is a breeding ground for great stories.)
You don’t need to know what a flop shot is to enjoy Caleb Hannan’s piece on Tijuana. It’s a hell of a look at a city on the border. Particularly in our current shitshow of a fear mongering climate.
Shawn Allen’s piece called “Nashville” should be ready by anyone who has a child, wants to have a child, or ever was a child.
Few pieces have look as deeply at the intersection of race, art and class(ism) as poignantly as “Heavy Baggage” by Judd Spicer.
While @djpie’s piece on Louisville circulates around a golf factory, I could name another dozen industries with similar stories to tell.

And, again, the photography is the shit.

In closing, it’s a great gift.


Basically, ask them if they follow Barstool on twitter. If they say no, get it for them…even if they are not golf nuts.


Looks like they’ve got competition:

I bought the first McKellar. It’s got two really good stories in it. Exceptional. “Mastrpiece Theater” and “The Tillinghast Papers.”

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I bought it too.

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“Ichikawa Steel” and the article on George Knudson were also strong. Looks like they have a second issue out, may have to pick that one up too.

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On a general GJ note, I see that they’ve got a deal on international shipping for subscriptions until the start of march. Sealed the deal for me, signed up for 2 years


Girlfriend got me issues 1-5 for Valentine’s Day. She’s a keeper


Never know which thread to bump

Really enjoyed issue 10.

My usual offer. Anyone who has never subscribed and never read an issue please DM me and I’ll mail you my newest copy free of charge to you. EDIT: GONE

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What a nice gesture. I selfishly keep all of mine.

Yes. I keep them all. I gave my friend the first 2 a few months back…need to politely ask for them back :grinning:

Hey I’ll take you up on that. Doesn’t even have to be the latest. Just want to check it out to see if I like it before committing. I’m in NC and will certainly mail it back to you.