Golfer-NBA player comparions


Jack Nicklaus = Michael Jordan. GOAT status, unbreakable records, careers defined by performing at the highest level when the lights are brightest, competition level might be questionable, but modern game is different and difficult to compare.

Tiger Woods = LeBron James. Arguable for GOAT status, just short in a few record categories, careers defined by big changes (cleveland, miami, cleveland, los angeles vs. pre-scandal, post-scandal, titleist, nike, taylormade, butch, hank, foley, etc.), uncanny ability to either never get hurt, recover miraculously, or have rumblings around HGH usage…


I was saying that Tiger isn’t the GOAT yet, doubtful he will ever pass Jack. As far as LeBron, and I grew up with Jordan, I’ve never heard anyone suggest LeBron took PED’s, only that he is physically a freak. I would also contend that aside from Jordan’s 6 titles, LeBron is a better all around player in every respect. Unfortunately the response is always “6 titles…” to that I say, if it’s the measure you go by then Russell is the GOAT, hands down. After his career is over LeBron will surpass Jordan in all statistics, except 6 for 6 in Titles, which his fans will always hold over LeBron. I always appreciated MJ for his greatness even though I hated him as a Cavs fan, it’s a shame his fans can’t do the same and bash him for moving to different teams. That is a millennial trait that older folks just can’t accept. I appreciate all great player, even though I may not like them or the teams they play for.


i more wanted to highlight the parallels between the never ending MJ vs. LeBron debate and the Nicklaus vs. Tiger debate. LBJ’s recent move to LA just had me thinking about how his career and public perception has changed over time, somewhat similar to Eldrick (without the near career ending injuries, scandals, etc.)


Barn Rat = Charles Barkley?


Tom Watson = Tim Duncan: both quietly have a lot more titles than the average fan realizes, longevity, both had complete games with few deficiencies, both completely respected by their peers

I see where @Randy is going and i think better comp is Phil Mickelson to Dwyane Wade. Both were in consideration as the best in their sport for a short period of time yet neither has been awarded player of the year/mvp, commitment to fans (d-wade staying in miami), very good amatuer careers, each reaching the end of the road yet still delivering some flashes of greatness


Henrik Stenson = Dirk Nowitzki
Both are European, surprisingly funny in interviews, and still visible stars in their advanced age. Both have super consistent, timeless signature moves/shots (Dirk fadeaway/Henrik 3 wood). Lastly, both of their biggest wins (2016 UK British Open Pres. by Her Majesty the Queen for Stenson and 2011 Finals for Dirk) were at the expense hugely popular and ultimately better all-time players (Phil/Bron-Wade), but involved historically great performances to win the two titles.