Golf With Your Kids

As a father of 4(13,11,9,5) I play most of my golf with my two eldest.
I thought it might be useful for those of you who have kids to have a thread to discuss the best way to navigate playing golf with your kids.
Possible discussions:
How to introduce them to the game.
Cultivating a love for the game.
Best gear for kids
Course management with kids

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I am a father of 2 boys (5 & 2). I will often take my 5 year old out with me for a quick nine, usually later in the afternoon when it isn’t as busy since he has a tendency to use his playground voice and I don’t want to disturb anyone.

My main goal is just trying to make it a fun for him - he hasn’t shown an interest in playing yet (aside from putting on an occasional green), but loves riding in the cart. He also likes looking for balls (the chewed up ones from the lawnmowers are his favorite to find) and unbroken tees. He has asked about what a divot tool is, so I explained to him what it is for and how to use it, and now he’s excited when he gets to fix a ball mark. Same thing with filling divots with sand mix,and raking bunkers (which he is surprisingly good at). Maybe he’ll be a greenskeeper someday, who knows?

Regardless of whether he wants to play or not, I see it as a chance to spend some quality time outside having fun with dad. I find it’s easier to get him to open up about his day when he is out doing something he enjoys, and if nothing else, hopefully he’ll look back fondly on those times long after I’m gone.


Golf immersion, I like it. If he feels comfortable “speaking the language” he may feel more relaxed and willing to give it a try.

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Exactly. I forgot to mention we’ll usually do something special after the round too, like go get ice cream or a milkshake. Speaking of food, I have found it helpful to pack a couple snacks (goldfish, applesauce pouches, sliced fruits/veggies). A lot of times during the summer we’d go out after I pick him up from daycare, and he’d get a little hangry if he didn’t get some food in him.

My 2-year-old is definitely deep in that whole hit-a-ball-with-a-stick phase, but I think he still might be a little too stubborn and impatient to take out on the course quite yet. Loves mini golf though, so that’s often what we’ll do for the time being.

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I’m playing it very cool with my 3 year old. Very long game. I don’t really involve him much as I’m thinking the mystery of what I do when I’m golfing will get him one day. I’ll let you know if that pays off in about 15 years…

The one thing I do sometimes do is take him to the club and let him drive around in a cart on my knee. Just trying to make positive associations with the club in his mind.

My excessive golf did pop up in his first ever cracked joke. He used to say “Mummy work. Daddy golf” a lot (don’t ask). Then one day he smiled and went “Daddy work. Mummy golf!” :joy:


I have 3 girls (5, 3, 1) and none of them are even remotely ready to get near a course, but I have a mat and a net I put up in the driveway and as soon as they see me setting up, they run to get their clubs (kids’ 7-iron, cut down putter, couple plastic clubs) and want to take turns. Hoping that eventually at least one of them will take enough interest to get into some lessons and give me an excuse to go play in the name of family time.

I bring my 5 year old daughter to the range and she loves it. She is into hitting balls for a little bit and I don’t push her.

I think she uses me for free ice cream but she does enjoy it and she has a better back swing than me!

My first is on the way, due end of January. A girl. This thread and the Golf with a New Born thread have me all kinds of excited. Baby’s mom is Korean so we’re even giving her a Korean name with hopes that she’s got a better short game than her dad wired somewhere into the genes on her mom’s side.


Congrats, and good luck!


2.5 yr old boy and 3 month old girl.

My son will whack the fisher price plastic oversized clubs in the back yard but the second I try to offer advice or help its a total resistance.

Have yet to get him out on the course. Has retrieved balls on the putting green and short game area though.

I think a lot of people that learn to play as adults start at the driving range, naturally, and become addicted to gripping and ripping. Starting kids at the green and slowly moving back is the best way to get them comfortable on the course and their scores (if/when you start keeping track) will benefit.

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The one thing I have to keep reminding myself in regards to my own kids is that it’s ok if they don’t like it right away. Obviously it’s great if they do, but looking back on when I was a kid, I didn’t pick it up seriously until I was about 10-11. By that point I had played baseball for a bit, and the golf swing didn’t seem as foreign. I was also burnt out from team sports and just golf just seemed to fit.

I have twins (boy and girl) 3.5 years old. I take them to the course and go directly to the putting green. They like to play around there for about 10 minutes and then ask to ride in the cart. I let them take turns driving while sitting on my lap. The trip to the course always ends with a candy bar or ice cream to put a positive end to it.

I also go to my basement in the cold months where I have a net set up as well as a carpet with a SKILZ putting cup. They like to “whack” plastic balls in the net. When putting Ill set up rails similar to bumpers used in bowling in order for them to see some success. Golf is a very difficult game and young kids get frustrated quick.

My 3.5 yr old son recently came up to me and said “Daddy I want to play golf!” I jumped out of my seat and said “Ok, let’s get your putter and some balls!” So we retrieved the little kid putter I had purchased a few weeks prior. Up until then, it had been used for maybe 3 seconds. We’re in the living room hitting the little yellow foam balls and I’m trying to teach him how to hold it. He has excellent posture, a good natural conventional grip, and a classic open to close stroke.

After a few surprisingly successful minutes of action, he says “Daddy I want to do something else!” That was just hilarious.


Those of you with young kiddos, any club set recommendations (think 4-10 yo ranges) and ballpark of how often you’ve had to get them new sets when they grow? Want to get them started early but not excited about paying to replace them frequently.

I bought my kids US Kids clubs (Driver, Hybrid, 7 iron, wedge, putter). They lasted about two seasons and held up well enough to pass them on to younger siblings.

The greatest golf game of all, is the three generation game. I was fortunate to have a 25ish year window playing with my dad and one or two of my boys. Sadly the window closed recently. But the circle of life keeps moving. I have 3 very young grandkids and am working on being the senior part of the three gen game.


Have two boys (4&2), a foster daughter 2 months old, and wife is expecting our 3rd(maybe 4th if we get to adopt our foster daughter). I’ve been putting on the carpet with my boys for the last year using an old cut down Spaulding putter(my first golf club) and some plastic clubs. Getting them a set of us kids golf clubs this year and plan on taking them out for a quick nine and range time soon when it warms up this year.



Seeking recommendations for a putter that a 3.5 year old can use this summer. I want to move on from the plastic fisher price stuff.

Is there anything you all have used with your kids that they can putt with on a real green with real balls?

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