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MY biggest complaint (if you want to tweak one tiny little thing) were the forced carries off the tee…
With the wind blowing against me on 7 and 8 (and my intermediate clubs) I was kinda wishing for another 20-30 yards of fairway since my tee shots barely got there.

Mind you, this might just mean I need to get stronger sticks and stop complaining…or move up a box in the future haha


Oh interesting. I designed with the Master clubs and with minimal wind. That was a blind spot and should be an easy fix. Definitely want to make it playable for all. Even you wusses using training clubs. :stuck_out_tongue:


If you want to test your courses with wind before publishing them, I recommend going to Local Match, then “more filters” and scroll down to “My Unpublished Courses.” You can then select your course, and ramp up different conditions to play it offline, locally. This is a great way to play test when you’re almost done. It also still lets you accumulate XP, which is a nice bonus.


I guess the intermediate sticks make me the “Luke Donald” of the TGC world haha :wink:


You too can be world #1!


At least in the PS4 society (maybe)

Damn…I wish societies would be cross-platform


Really enjoying this thread! With Sweeten’s Cove dropping and TBC, I have gotten back in the game and designed my first course. I posted it on TGCTours forums, but thought I would drop a line in here. Here is my OVERLY enthusiastic post on the other forum:

Rookie designer here, but obsessive with golf design in general.

I am interested to hear some feedback on the playability of this course and what you loved/hated. It is a little extreme and I think 1 or 2 greens are a little over the edge. I was inspired by the B-O-L-D contours thread to make some fun greens with a little slower green speed like old Augusta.

Inspiration: I haven’t played a lot of courses, but what I have played and have seen from others play, I wanted to make a course that plays differently where:
(1) the target is often not at the flag,
(2) using the ground is important, where punch shots can actually be an useful option and also super fun .
(3) the lie is rarely flat and elevation changes are constant. I feel like this makes a fun and challenging course in the game.

I also wanted to incorporate some template hole designs and morph them together in a bold, linksy setting as C.B. Macdonald would have seen them, but on a wild Irish Links.

I also love golf course routing and tried to make the course routing flow well from cliff top → valley tide pools → dune tops → canyons → crag shore.

The result of these wishes come across a bit like a Wolf Creek-type course set in Western Ireland (shout out to architect Eddie Hackett) which may be a little extreme/fantastical. There are some obvious design errors as I started with auto generated fairways and greens for the first 13 holes and tried to tweak them a lot, but I only recently realized that there is a better way to design.

Cheers! Thanks in advance!!

Nerdy Course Notes:

#1 Crag You begin the round with a question to answer on your tee shot as you head toward the Craggy Shore. If you navigate away from Hell’s sand, cliffs, and bisecting valley, a joyous eagle or birdie is sure to be yours. Inspired by Hell bunker, Biarritz, and Redan

#2 Ruins The green sits perched on the remnants of Northerner’s ruins. Steer clear of the right side so you don’t fall prey to the Northerner’s whispers.

#3 Soar Your vista off the tee seems doomed by a flock of rippled sand, but look close and they should remind you of the wings of a sea bird. Be bold and let your drive soar. Inspired by Dr. Alister Mackenzie

#4 Hike As the sound of waves leaves you a vast valley of obstacles await. Decide how to avoid blindness to your final destination atop rocky terrain. Inspired by Alps and Ballybunion’s Old Course.

#5 Tide The hole has been formed naturally by an always changing tide. Look at where the tide has placed the pin this day on the large wavy green to determine how to steer your ship home.

#6 Twist A twist ending to an often shared story of a redan green. This birdie requires a creative mind more than execution. Inspired by Redan, Punchbowl, Double Plateau

#7 Compass You head true north and must avoid any course but straight ahead to avoid trouble over the hill. Inspired by James Braid

#8 Crossing Getting home in two will require courage and strength, but need a favorable bounce and a little wind at your back. Inspired by Cape, Redan, and Old Tom.

#9 Climb Gird up your loins and hit long. A death-bed of a bunker short and left awaits any failure. Inspired by Royal Troon

#10 Stamp This cliff side has taken some of the green already. Only the bullseye remains. Hit it! Inspired by Postage Stamp at Royal Troon

#11 Alley You’ve reached the summit. The town of golfer’s give you a delightful hole through the narrow canyon. Use the alley of fairway to avoid being swallowed by Ahab’s bunkers. Inspired by Hog’s Back, Eddie Hackett and Mr. Melville

#12 Blown The wind has roared hard on this hole and has shaped sand, bumps, and hollows over it . This mostly blind green slopes hard right to left thanks to mother nature. Thank her when you have putted in for the expansive view of the valley below. Inspired by Eddie Hackett

#13 Canyon’s End The town’s favorite hole to watch from above. Getting home in two will get you a free shot up the hill from anyone who sees the feat. This receptive green asks a fading second shot, skimming the Alps of a hill in between. It is worth the risk for anyone who lands it where lawnmowers frequent. Inspired by Alps, Punchbowl, and Pasatiempo.

#14 Infinity This hole’s ground is hard and bunkerless. Bowl your ball true onto this bewildering green before an endless sea and avoid the Brooklyn side or you may be left in the gutter. Inspired by Biarritz, Bandon Dunes, and Coore/Crenshaw.

#15 Bottle The Crag Shore opens wide to this shared hole. The narrowing pot bunkers tempt you swing soft. Don’t listen to them. A blind second shot full of danger draws your ball left near the crag’s end. I hope you brought a bottle of your own. Inspired by Bottle and Pacific Dunes

#16 Leven Road This partially blind tee shot reminds us of the best golf hole in the world. The valley of sand laying beyond requires the strong golfer to carry and the smart golfer to hold back and go right, leaving a better angle to a middle and right hole location. Don’t be long! Inspired by The Road Hole, Leven, and Pine Valley .

#17 Castle This reachable hole slopes front to back amid surrounding buckers and an ancient looming castle, worn away by Father Time and some aggressive Northmen. Aim at the Castle with driver and hope for a good bounce to gain ground on your match opponent. Inspired by the Saga of “Arrow-Odd” .

#18 Home This long finish looks larger than it appears, like many of our mortal challenges. As ancient glaciers slid off into the deep sea, your ball will slide rightward when it finally hits land. The ever growing river of sand must be avoided like the thorns of a blossom. You may need to escape by playing backwards. After trials and tribulation, the home green will gather shots from the edges toward the center, making for an exciting walk up to the green to see where home was left you.

Cheesy Notes inspired by The Book of Yardage from Royal Dornoch. :wink:


What’s the name of it?


Let us know where to find your course (course name please) and we’ll be happy to send some thoughts your way :slight_smile:


Sheeiiit! Forgot to mention it. Craggy Shore Highland Links - XanderYub


Can we take a moment to discuss how awesome it is to actually be able to hit driver off the deck? Chip shots, on the other hand is the death of me…


dude, I can’t get the right feel down for chip shots to save my life…

getting used to grinding out 5-8 footers from leaving chip shots either well short or long


I know, the 9-11 yds are the hardest, greens way too unpredictable, sometimes they stop on a dime, other times they roll 9ft past.


i wish it went like 10 more yards than the 3 wood, i think it actually goes shorter in the game


Getting close on 2/4 projects. Old Reynolda probably getting published this weekend.

Conservatory Club likely by next weekend.


On a miss hit I agree with you, same distance as the 3 wood. But when you hit it solid it has 10-15 yds more roll in my experience.


big 'ol stair bunker on Reylonda…that’ll be a fun shot to hit
excited to see the landscape of that course!




Links still has courses being made for it and has a majority of the top courses in the world available for it. Just a really old program that doesn’t work well with modern technology.