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“The six courses coming to the game are all TPC locations: Boston, Deere Run, Sawgrass, Scottsdale, Southwind and Summerlin.”
Not good.


Yeah outside of Sawgrass and maybe Deere Run that’s a very dry and dull selction of courses.


This one might be way off the map, but I loved Jack Nicklaus 4 on the PC. Used to vaporize Joey Sindelar regularly. The best feature is you could also use an architecture mode then play the course you created. Would love to see @thefriedegg’s takes on some of my early tracks.


PGA Tour 2 on Sega back in the day was the jam. Bruce Lietzke is the OG.


Can’t wait for The Golf Club 2019! Bought the previous two versions. The courses people build on there are insane. Someone spent a year and a half remaking ANGC to try to make it inch perfect.

Sure, the official courses are “Boston, Deere Run, Sawgrass, Scottsdale, Southwind and Summerlin,” but there are remakes of Pebble, Oakmont, Pinehurst #2, the Old Course, Royal Birkdale, Merion, and more, as well as a ton of fictional created courses on there!


How’s the gameplay?


I believe there was an additional CD that came with TW 2006 for the PC, called Tiger Woods Course Architect. I played around with it briefly, and from what I can recall it was pretty extensive. Wonder if any current young golf architects got their start doing these.


How’s the gameplay?

I really enjoy it! There is a steep learning curve because there are no “difficulty” settings for gameplay. Some courses play easier than others based on setup determined by the course designers, but the gameplay is the same throughout.

The matchmaking was convoluted in the current game, but they are supposedly making it a much better lobby system in The Golf Club 2019, so I’m really looking forward to that!


Everybody Loves Golf is actually pretty fun. I have it on PS4 and its oddly addicting for an arcade style game.


Talking about immersive career modes I would love it if you had the option to start on the Web tour just like you can start in juniors in NHL. Also in FIFA you can be called up to your national team and play in the World Cup so why not add the capability to qualify and play in the Ryder Cup.


Cant remember which year, but the Tiger Woods game, where you played match-play against made up characters e.g ‘Kilted Scotsman’ and progressed onto playing tour players. Loved that game, and the commentary was hilarious too, corny, but hilarious!


Yeah that was TW 2004…World Tour Mode. A bunch of those created characters were so great.


there’s a guy on Golf Course Atlas trying to rebuild Lido from aerial photographs and newspaper pictures,65640.0.html

be warned, these are the Trekkies of Golf geekdom


Totally forgot Cedric the Entertainer was an unlockable character too.


I minored in TW2004 in college. Such a great game.


I used to play this all the time and downloaded tons of courses that people made and they were amazing and so hard. Loved all the Open courses that were on there and Augusta also, they were awesome.


I never knew the historical context behind Lido before…play there a handful of times each season.

I find the Chanel Hole to be a bit gimmicky…but have birdied it once!


Tiger Woods 2004 was great, but the second best. No game came close to when the made the Masters Edition. I’ll never forget the first time I played Augusta National


heck i still play on my sega Genesis European Tour game from the mid 90’s. Still love being Seve


they put a golf course in fortnite does that count?