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So they’ve fixed some aspects of the game now and the spin was one of them. It’s still not right, but its at least playable now.

I find you really need to use the ‘master’ level clubs to make the game enjoyable though. The distance you lose from going down to the easier level clubs make it a bit less enjoyable for my mind. You’re supposed to be playing as a tour pro and when (with the easier clubs) they are only carrying it 230 off the tee it just doesn’t feel right.

In terms of the spin though. Wedges and short irons will all bite and stop on the green now, but you don’t really get anything zipping back like some wedge shots should. The only time a ball will spin back is from a flop shot, which is annoying as flop shots don’t really spin like that.

All in all, its a good game once you get used to it and its a fun challenge.

It’s not Tiger PGA Tour in terms of entertainment though but at the moment its the best current golf game by far.

I should also mention, the PGA Tour licence is not what they make it out to be. All that means is you get to play in the “Fed Ex Cup” and play the and PGA Tours. So you get to play on a few real world courses in real world events (such as the Waste Management in Phoenix) but you dont get to play against any real world golfers or even names.


Cool, thanks for the reply. Sounds good enough to me.


Has anyone finished DFL in their first PGA event? :upside_down_face:


Interested to hear from those of you on PS4 or Xbox youe technique for swinging the joysticks straight back and through in the blue zone. I have no problems with tempo but keeping it in the blue zone when moving up to different clubs has been discouraging. I agree with @Monty85 above, beginner clubs aren’t really doing it for me.


Do I have to consider it DFL when I have a blow up round and just WD instead because it isn’t worth the frustration for chump change? :laughing:


I’ve had more shots bite and spin out of the sand than anywhere else which can be pretty frustrating when you need it to carry and run out, but that’s probably me laying the club way open instead of wanting to take a 3/4 swing.

I’ve found the only way to get any real distance with beginner clubs is to shape a shot with the wind as you need. But still playing from the tips with beginner clubs is almost impossible to break par as you’re hitting long irons into greens for the most part and playing the run out versus the distance.

All in all it’s been entertaining, just need to buy a controller and quit using this damn mouse.


Hey all! Just got TGC19 and am in deeeeep getting a feel for the mechanics and controls and capabilities and all that.

My question for the @jwfickett’s of the world is: what are a few things you wish you knew when you first started in on TGC course designing?


For me, it’s just how awesome the spline tool is

When building literally ANYTHING course related (everything except tee boxes) I used to use the cookie cutters available. Now, I’m a spline guy and it has made course designs much faster to build

  1. Round/oblong “fuzzy” edged brushes are your friend for making smooth gradients when you sculpt.
  2. Don’t rush anything out…take plenty of time to play test and ask for feedback via beta versions.
  3. Principles of real-life architecture apply, but protecting par or anything close to it is not compatible with this game. Do not design to make courses “hard.” Make them beautiful and realistic looking and you will get tons of plays and kudos.
  4. What Brad said about splines. Use them.
  5. Before you publish anything, make sure all your tee boxes are flat, your sightlines clean, and your pins generally plenty far away from “yellow” and “red” slopes. The 9-Box rule is a good general guideline. You should have no yellow anywhere within the green grid box in which the pin sits and the 8 boxes surrounding it on all sides. This is not a hard-and-fast rule but it will help you decide how borderline a pin might be.
  6. Play with the lighting to get the effect you want. Early to mid morning and mid to late afternoon is typically best, as you get lens flare and terrain shadows that make the course have more realistic color and pop. The high noon stuff just washes the course out.


CC: @Brick To piggy-back off of Job about numbers 3 and 5…

Think about a course (or courses) that YOU enjoy playing. There will be people that absolutely DESTROY your course when it comes to scoring, and that’s because this is a video game. So don’t worry if your course isn’t this 7800 yard mammoth of a track, and instead think about making the “expereince” enjoyable.

You will also be fixing/deleting/re-doing a LOT of features of the course as you put it together. Don’t get discouraged, you’ll be play testing a lot during the process. Some guy named @Soly has a really entertaining travel podcasts to give you some inspiration while designing courses.

I’m a fan of building in this order:

  1. Routing
  2. Greens
  3. Fairways
  4. Tees
  5. Bunkers
  6. Water Hazards
  7. Landscapes (shaping and flattening surfaces
  8. Planting (trees, bushes, etc)
  9. Objects (clubhouse, bridges, “the little things”)

No right or wrong way to do it, just my personal preference.


After saying earlier that motion sickness was going to keep me from building my course, I’ve figured out a bit of a remedy and I’m currently 12 holes into my course. I’m encouraged based on this and what @jwfickett said since I’ve generally been following these tips on my own. I found via playtest that my 5th green needs to be nuked and entirely redone because there’s about one square foot where the ball can stop, otherwise it’s off the green.

The one thing I’ve got to change once I have all 18 holes built is adjusting the sculpting on fairways and greens. They all look very cookie-cutter and not natural whatsoever. Once I’ve got it ready to go I’m gonna ask this thread to take a look and offer me some thoughts.


Thanks @TCRBrad and @jwfickett! Now that I’ve gotten through a bit of the trial and error of figuring out the controls and menus, the designer is becoming a lot more enjoyable.

And I guess I will give up my dream of becoming the Mike Davis of TGC19.

Quick question: are blind shots annoying 100% of the time, or can it work under the right circumstances (sort of like real life)?


Blind shots can definitely work under the right circumstances, but it kind of depends on how the blindness comes into play. A big hill to hit over or a dune blocking a portion of a green? Cool! A bad sculpting job where you just throw a heap of ground right in front of the tee box or a few bushes that look out of place? Try again.


Exactly like real life.

As long as you have SOMETHING to aim at (a bunker, mounding, etc) when you’re over the ball, a blind shot here and there isn’t a terrible thing in my opinion.

PS: If you’re looking for a quick little visual tutorial on exactly where things are in the menus, this guy does a good job of laying things out


To add to this…a “W” sculpting method is generally a good rule of thumb for video game golf. If you think about the peaks of the W…with the tee box being on the left, landing area in the middle, and green on the right…and slightly elevate each one in comparison to the rest of the hole, you’ll always have a good sight line.


Okay cool. I have this hole I’m working on that’s high-risk driveable. However the layup also poses some strategic risk-reward. Stay near the hazard down the right, and you’ll be on the correct side of the subtle turtleback fairway and can see the green down below. Play it safe out to the left, and it’ll still be a wedge, but you’ll be on the wrong side of the fairway hump and the shot will be blind up, over, and down the hill. So it’s intentional. #HASHTAG#zomgWIDTH&ANGLES

Are there any gimmicks that newcomers try that just don’t seem to work either by lack of execution or it’s just too fantastical/weird etc?


I FINALLY had a chance to get Sweetens a spin @jwfickett
Played from the back tees with the Round 2 pins, and default settings
Here’s what happened:


2 - After getting ejected long and left of the green, I chipped in to open birdie - birdie

3 - Driver and 3 wood got me just past the tree short of the green, I chipped in AGAIN to open (-4) thru 3

5 - Anything past the pin here is a par or worse every damn time…this felt like birdie

6 - Choosing not to play towards the back left pin position, my approach left me 30 feet. Hello first 3 putt.

8 - Since there’s a back 9 now, I took driver LEFT of the tree and gave myself a clean angle with a wedge into the biarritz (pin was in the swale). Probably not the first guy to try this approach, but I was hella proud of my immagination

14 - After choosing to go for this green in 2, I left 70 feet for eagle and 4 putted. Make sure you’re on the right level of that green before attempting to “score”

15 - I played away from the tucked pin behind the bunker, and spun a flop shot off the green on my approach. Chilli-dipped the next one to set up a double. Ugh…

17 - Between clubs, I played past the front right pin and gave myself 35 feet for birdie. Putted it off the green and cleaned up my mess. Icarito has officially landed.

Overall, I LOVE what you did with the entire layout (including your back 9). Bunkering and mounds really made me think about where I wanted to place the ball off the tee, and I enjoy just how many options there are to attack pins.


@TCRBrad Looks like there’s 10 or so guys on the Ps4 refuge society. Think we could get some tournaments going? Also, should we make a separate thread to post scores and stuff?


I requested to join last night as well. Kids got me the game for Christmas and I have been trying to get acquainted (literally have played 6 rounds) the last couple of days. When I make them take a break from Sims, Fortnite, and whatever the hell else they play.

Sweetens is a lot of fun. Would love to try and recreate my home club, but seems way over my head. I assume it’s harder to do on a console, correct?


Definitely will start another thread for tournament scores and the lot, and look for the first tournament of the season to happen in the next few days

Do you think we should go a “full” tour rotation with points and such? Or play week by week with no full-season points?