Golf Video Games


I’ve got a Lenovo box that runs an i5-2.8ghz processor, 8GB of ram, but stock video card. So I have almost all of the graphics dialed way back so that I can play the game and get used to that before I get a new machine. It’s laggy and the graphics suck, but I knew that going into it with such a dialed back machine.



Quick bump. Tonight at 10E.


Has it been published yet? Was hoping to give it a play after work but won’t be able to watch the live stream.


Not yet, sorry. Brian is doing a final play test and I think it will be published around 9 or so.


Pumped to give it a go!


The course is now published if you want to give it a go!


I just ran through the front 9, very well done! I had to stop and think a lot more frequently than I do with other courses in the game. Excited to play the other pin locations.

Great work, thanks to you and petty for doing this!


Absolute blast! Will provide more thoughts later, but not having played SC to know how close it gets, it is still great. Will have simultaneous sweet dreams and nightmares about some of those greens (#1 is a beast of a green - in a good way). Went -4 in the first round (with a four putt bogey and another silly bogey on 18) and then went like +6 in the second round but had just as much fun. I’m a horrible chipper (and still trying to get decent with the masters clubs) so I like hitting really spinny flop shots - a treacherous but fun strategy on this course.


Have played one, two and three pins (all front 9) and I think the best way to describe it is ‘volatile.’ Lot of fun and just cements the fact that I need to get out to Sweetens Cove sooner rather than later!


Love this!

At only 6500 yards, it proves courses dont have to be super long or super narrow to be very challenging.


A couple of videos of me getting absolutely ejected (note this is not a complaint - I love this and am a glutton for punishment). I have a feeling this is what actually playing Sweetens can be like.


The first one you definitely didn’t make the plateau, but I really wish the second one would have ended up better for you. You played into the slope and it feels like that ball should have had a better result. Glad you didn’t rage quit, though! I think there will be many of those on this course for the impatient or unimaginative.


Yeah on the first one I was expecting it to release a bit more but must have put a touch too much spin on it/hit it too much into the slope. Thought the second one was going to be good but oh well. Presumably much like the actual course, the RCR really allows for a lot of non-traditional (i.e., not firing directly at the pin) hero shots that are a blast to try and pull off. One of these days I’ll play it conservatively and see if I can post a low number - but that just isn’t as much fun. Had a blast on the back 9 as well - great job!


This might be a stupid question, but are most of you playing this on a computer? How’s the game on a PS4? And is Sweetens Cove (and other created courses) available regardless of the platform being played on?


I’m playing on PS4. Haven’t played on other platforms but works well enough on the console. And you can play all courses on all platforms. However, from what I understand (@jwfickett can speak more to this), it’s much easier to build courses on a PC. Its a bummer for me as I’d like to get into it but don’t have a PC to do it on.


I play on xbox one and it’s great, just plug and play and the game looks and plays great. The courses are available across all platforms.

Also if anyone else is on Xbox and wants to link up and play my name is ChetSteadman34.


PS4 here as well…love the game with a proper controller

Course editor isn’t too shabby with how good the spline tool is now.
It’s all about getting in some “practice” with the editor, so SEND US YOUR BETA COURSES.


Also, hit me up at PSN: TCRBrad and let’s play!


the ejections, if anything, are MUCH WORSE at Sweetens.