Golf Video Games (PGA TOUR 2k21 discussion)

Somehow my buddies and I always end up talking about this at the bar.
Would love to hear everyone’s favorites. Specific things about any game that you love that made it fun?

Tiger Woods 2004 is my all time favorite. The fact that the opening video of the game is PARTY UP BY DMX already makes it amazing. It was so great when they finally put the Masters on the TW games too. Big fan of Mario Golf on GameBoy Color and N64 too.


Drinking games on Tiger Woods. You miss a fairway? Drink. Your opponent drives it past you? Drink. You miss a green? Drink. Your opponent hits it closer? Drink. A lot of wasted - pun intended - afternoons playing that.


No using Sunday Tiger though.


Golf video games are severely lacking. I hope The Golf Club 2019 delivers now that they’ve got the Tour licensing


Hell, they released Rory McIlroy PGA TOUR in 2015 (!!!) and just lazily update it on respective systems since then. And there’s no Augusta. Sad!

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Tiger Woods 2005 will be my all-time favorite. I loved that you could play at any time of the day, even at 3AM if you wanted to. I might be wrong but I felt like it had a good amount of courses and players.

Nothing would make me happier though than the Masters game with the original Augusta on it, as well as the modern version, becoming backwards compatible. I loved getting to compare the original MacKenzie design to what it’s evolved into.

The Rory game can eat me. I own it and play it once every couple of months, but that game pisses me off for so many reasons. TGC 2019 has given me hope for the first time in a long time. I’ve never tried one of their games but I might have to sometime this summer.


PGA Tour 96 - Faxon, Walrus, and DLIII ripping across Spyglass and Sawgrass over and over and over.


Always thought the fantasy courses were really fun, except for f-ing Predator. That track was like 8000+ yards and tighter than a Rory McIlroy Nike shirt.


LOL I too hated The Predator. I thought Emerald Dragon was hard as shit as well.

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It seems weird to me that with all of the decisions that the PGA Tour makes strictly for money, that they can’t somehow figure out a way to get a proper PGA game with licensing with courses, players, etc. I was fortunate I bought the Rory game used a year after it came out so all of the content was unlocked, but it’s just embarrassing there are so few courses. EA probably deserves more of the blame, but I just can’t imagine with game technology these days, it cannot be that hard to get a proper representation of professional golf.

RIP Tiger Woods PGA Tour and NCAA Football


The original Sega Genesis PGA Tour was my jam. As I recall, there were four courses available: Sawgrass, Avenel, PGA West Stadium Course, and something called “Sterling Shores” that bore a striking resemblance to Pebble Beach. It had the names of real PGA players on the leaderboards (I recall Lance Ten Broeck earning more in that game than he ever did looping for Jesper), but you played as your own fictional character (Wikipedia suggests I am in error, and your player choices included Fred Couples, Mark McCumber, Larry Mize, Joey Sindelar, Craig Stadler, and Bruce Lietzke. Joey Sindelar got all the teens fired up.) A second version came out with additional courses, but I only owned the original.

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Rory McIlroy PGA Tour was fine, but a couple months ago I started playing Tiger Woods 14 again on the PS3, both because I got the bug to play Augusta around Masters time, but also for the 1934 version that the discussion on the NLU and Fried Egg pods got me interested in. It just blows the Rory game out of the water, deeper in every possible way. And I don’t even recall Tiger 14 being that much of a drastic improvement over earlier versions. The drop off from those games to their current-gen offering was just so stark.

It is hard to tell how much is true, but - according to the latest Tiger Woods biography by Jeff Benedict and Armen Keteyian - when Tiger decided to do a golf game, he went all in. Tiger was instrumental in going over every detail and gave the developers a rarely seen level of access. And, as we all know, Tiger is a gamer.

As far as Rory’s involvement, I have no clue. However, even if he was heavily involved, EA probably didn’t devote the work hours to a title that was going to sell fewer copies than before.

For those who play other sports games like Madden, NBA 2K or Fifa you know how far they have come in the last 5 or so years. The gameplays are so much more immersive now and realistic and all of the career game modes have gotten infinitely better. Its a damn shame no golf game has been there to grow like this as well. A true good golf game that evolved like this and stacked up in features would do so well.

It’s definitely just my age talking, but I can’t believe they can’t get a golf game, or a boxing game right. The last version of Knockout Kings was awesome with the gameplay and number of fighters, but nothing on the new consoles. I feel the same way about the golf games, especially with the online aspect now, i would think online match play and tournaments would kill it. I waste too much of my time playing WGT on my tablet, and there is no reason that can’t be happening on the consoles.

Both of Everybody’s Golf on PS4 and Golf Story on Nintendo Switch are pretty decent.


EA golf game wish list:

-30-40 courses, including Augusta (If we can have 50+ stadiums in FIFA, we can do this)
-Like 75 PGA TOUR players (again, there are thousands of athletes in Madden and FIFA)
-Have like a third of those players be European guys so there can be a fully immersive Ryder Cup mode where you play all the formats and can see every shot that your partner + the other players hit. Also there should be the ability to have the Ryder Cup at any of the courses except Augusta.
-Traditional single player career mode
-Iron heads that aren’t the size of woods
-Online play where you can do all the traditional types of play, plus stuff like a 4v4 scramble and maybe even WOLF HAMMER where you gamble your credits.


I know this is cheesy as shit, but I play that dumb Golf Clash game a lot on my phone! I’ll get fed up with it after a week or so and ignore it for a couple of months, then get back to it one day when I’m bored on a train or something.


EA is done with golf games but the Golf Club picked up the rights to the PGA Tour so that’s something. The last game with Rory lacked content and it hurt. I hope the new developers can get Augusta and courses to that degree. A fleshed out career mode were you actually have to maintain a tour card and even go on the Web Tour would be great. But that’s all likely too niche for a golf game for the general public.

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