Golf Trips on a Budget

New to the refuge,

Looking to go on a big golf trip with some friends. Don’t know if I could afford a place like Bandon or Pinehurst currently. (only 23 and fresh out of college working my first big boy job)

However, I would like to have a great golf experience like those places offer but just don’t really want to spend a couple k’s on a golf getaway.

Wondering if y’all had any ideas on where to go or if I should just save up for the religious experience that those places are notorious for.

Open to ideas, Cheers!


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I wouldn’t totally discount Pinehurst. There’s a solid list of non-resort courses that are still really good and much more affordable.



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@Zvancomp where are you located?

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Actually you can do a Pinehurst trip on a Budget.

Courses: Southern Pines, Hyland, Longleaf, Talamore, Whispering Pines, Foxfire, the Cradle, Tot Hill Farm.

Accomodations: Airbnb somewhere in the area, a hotel.

Can book individually or through someone like Tobacco Road. Also check with Mid Pines/Pine Needles which is less expensive than Pinehurst by a great deal.

Myrtle Beach is the value golf capital of the country with enough accomodation options and courses to fit any budget.


I’m in same boat as you (on a budget recently out of school and not wanting to drop a dime on sick trip). My experience is that most often your most effective cost to minimize (beyond greens fees) is travel. That means basically finding somewhere you can drive. Second is lodging. Depending how many you have you’re probably better off finding a big enough Airbnb for everyone to fit in. Split across everyone that is typically much cheaper than hotel or on-site.


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Be sure to check out the Omaha roll call thread when you get back into town.

Maybe join us at Wild Horse in July

There are a number of Denver guys planning on attending as well, the vast majority of them are not serial killers as far as I know, I’m sure you could snag a ride.


Let me recommend NW Michigan. SO many options to choose from. The centerpiece can be Arcadia Bluffs, and if you get a tee time after 4, it is very affordable. (Remember it is light until 9:30 in the summer.). In the immediate vicinity you have 2 courses at Crystal Mountain, 2 at Manistee National (love the Canthooke Valley side). Hemlock in Ludington, and the Heathlands in Onekama is fun. Plus you have great choices to the north like Manitou Passage and Bahle Farms. Bahle Farms is very affordable and just beautiful. Extend your circle and you can include the courses at Garland and Forest Dunes. The courses are all just beautiful.


There is no better value golf trip than going to Alabama for the RTJ Golf Trail. About $120/day for unlimited golf. Most courses are excellent.

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