Golf Trip Locations w/ Significant Others


My buddies and I have traditionally done a 12-16 person Ryder Cup the past few years each spring, usually on the RTJ Trail in Alabama. As more and more of us are lost to marriage, work obligations, and families, this has started to dwindle down to lower numbers. This year, 8 of us are planning a trip in April or May. Fortunately, all of our wives/significant others are good friends. We are looking to go somewhere this year for 4-5 days (6ish rounds) and have them all tag along.

Does anyone have advice for locations we could try or planned a similar trip? Some of the more obvious choices like Streamsong, Kiawah, Sea Island are out of most of our price ranges as we are all late 20s.

Rent a house on Hilton Head


What do the S/O’s like to do? What is price range?

HHI is perfect for this. Golf courses everywhere and plenty of nonsense for the WAGS to get into (beaches, shopping, food, beach bars to hit on other guys while you are golfing, etc)

You can find houses and condos to rent all over vrbo that aren’t that expensive. If you stay close to coligny there’s plenty your wife can do within walking distance


Beach, wine, shop, etc. They are all very low maintenance actually. The golf budget is the most limiting. Splitting a house among a large group would be cheap. Golf budget ideally in the $100 per round range max.

We used to do a 4 day RTJ trip to Capitol Hill that could be done for $600 total, including accommodations. 126 holes over 4 days for that price was amazing.

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Rent a house or some condos in Pawleys Island. Play golf at Caledonia, True Blue, Heritage, Willbrook, River Club or Litchfield.


Seconding that Hilton Head or Kiawah really isn’t that expensive if you really hunt and not stay on property. You can definitely do Myrtle Beach on a budget without the Murder Beach part if you stay in Mt Pleasant or Murrels Inlet (access to Charleston and easy drive to Pawleys Island). Pawleys you can play Caledonia, True Blue, Pawleys Plantation Heritage, TPC, Willbrook, etc


Ha you must’ve snuck that in while I was still typing and distracted by cooking. Underrated and undervisited area



Great golf and guaranteed good time

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Yeah you’re best bet is something on SC coast.


You should be able to keep it under the $100/round mark on & near HHI that time of year. Probably not with the Sea Pines courses, but anything else would be in reach.

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If you are thinking about SC, do not go during Masters week or the week after, which is Heritage week at HHI. Prices should be better outside of those weeks.


Thanks y’all!

I thought when the guys did the pod following up the Cabot trip they really stressed it was a good option for wives. Sounds like there’s more to do than just the golf at the resort. Plus, the “warmest water on the East coast north of the Carolinas" would be a selling point to my wife.

You should definitely do it. That way I can see if it’s worth selling my wife on it.

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