Golf Shoe and Belt Discussion, the roast of AlexShreff’s orthopedic nurse/lunch-lady sneakers

Trying to find a new pair of golf shoes for a winter trip to Bandon Dunes. Have a pair of Nike Lunar Commands from last year which I really like and worked well, just worn. Want to maybe try something new and I’ve heard good things about the Nike Tour Premiere, was wondering if anyone had advice on them/other shoes.

Depends on your style preference and need for comfort. If you know your size, you can score really nice brand new shoes on ebay for 70% of retail prices. I have tried four brands: Etonic, Callaway, Nike, and Footjoy. Footjoy has been my favorite every time.

If you want golf shoes that don’t look like golf shoes, you can try ECCO or TRUE Linkswear. I think @MerchCzar wears TRUE Linskswear??? If I am not mistaken, maybe he can throw in his two cents.

I am not sure how wet it will be at Bandon during the winter, but have you ever thought about these?

I just grabbed a pair of these a few weeks ago. I have only worn them on the course once, but super comfy and great traction. They are not my primary shoe, but it feels amazing to switch into these between rounds on golf trips where you are playing 36 in a day.
Also, can be worn anywhere, not just the course. (so naturally pairs well withe Mizzy Main)

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I grabbed a pair of these as well. They definitely aren’t going to hold up for a “pedal to the floor” bandon trip that I think @shonseymp is looking for. Based on what I’ve seen, I think TRUE Linkswear is probably the best thing out there for a multiple day trip.

However the Tomo’s are awesome in my laid back office environment, the indoor golf/gym facility I go to and for DRY rounds of golf. Played a wet morning round last weekend and my feet were pretty well soaked by the end of the round.

Um…tell me more about this indoor golf/gym facility.

Honestly a pretty sweet set up. I was able to convince the fiance (read: Accountant) that it’s basically a gym membership. Frankly, with the midwest winters, it’s way worth it to me to have a place to go beat balls without dealing with a heated range bay.

Immediate access to launch monitors and the place has a putting lab and all of that. It’s the classic “performance improvement” style place so you deal with alot of youth clinics and what not. But the guy I deal with there (Jacob) played on the Mackenzie tour for a bit and dealt with some tour guys in Florida before he moved to Indy. Obviously only a benefit if you live in the Indianapolis area, but super cool model that I think would be pretty easy to expand if you had the right talent to work with.

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I bought the Ecco BIOM Hybrid 3’s specifically for my upcoming Bandon trip in March of 2019. I’ve walked numerous rounds in these things and played in morning dew conditions along with using them this past weekend for a football tailgate in rainy weather. These are extremely comfortable and have kept my feet dry every time. They aren’t cheap, but you can usually find some deals out there to help reduce the cost. I got a deal with Ebates through that made it more than worth my while to purchase. I highly recommend them! Good thread on WRX on these as well, if you’re into that sorta thing.

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I’ve rocked some souped up Foot Joy’s for first day in Bandon, but honestly, I quit wearing them on day 2. I think golf shoes are overrated. I played the last 3 days in Bandon in Kyrie 2 Nike basketball shoes, and now that’s all I wear on the course! They are good structure around the full foot, and they are just more comfortable to walk in. The mid-to-high top shoe height gives me more support than most golf shoes as well. Plus, they make me feel more athletic on the course (like the modern day benny the jet PF Flyers). If it’s rainy and wet, golf shoes make sense, but most rounds I play, I don’t need them, and find them uncomfortable, especially on 36 hole days.


yes at bandon, spikes may or may not be your friend. when we play three plus rounds a day walking, comfort trumps spikes.
some people like trail shoes. some people just sneakers. really depends on how wet it is.

I rock some Skechers GoGolf Elite V.3. I have two different pairs. One pair in white / navy and one pair in brown. They are honestly my most comfortable golf shoes. I have even been know to wear them around the office. I like the idea of the Tomo’s. Seems like a great pair to wear to work for days I hit up the range at lunch or play 9 after.



I’ve been wearing Ecco Biom Hybrid 2 shoes for the past several years and highly recommend them. Super comfortable, waterproof, roomy toe box and they last for years. I walk whenever I can and even wear these to work. I’m in the car biz and some days I will walk 6 miles a day, then play 9 holes in the evening with no foot issues at all. Ecco’s are pricy but find some on sale, they are worth it.

Adidas Ultraboost and Footjoys for the win

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Not specifically relevant to just playing long days at Bandon, but I’ve had most brands of shoe over the years and now only buy Adidas ones, simply because they last a long time.

I live in England where we never ride carts and they get a lot of miles. I’ve never had Nike shoes that lasted more than a year before developing holes or falling apart but I have a pair of Adidas that I bought in Singapore in 2009 and I still have them as a second pair at my mums house in Idaho (I had to glue a part of the sole this year but that’s it). I used them all through August this summer. Never worried about them.

I have some Tour 360’s I bought at the start of 2015 for my home course in the U.K. and after 3 sets of spikes they’re still totally fine. No holes. Waterproof. Even the laces are still original. And I play twice a week, sometimes 3 times, even through the winter when it’s muddy, wet and cold. That’s probably about 400 miles of walking in total and they still look like I bought them a month ago.

God knows why Adidas make shoes that last. I’d expect them to totally be in the ‘flash & fade’ business to keep flogging you new pairs every season, but there you go.

I picked up the Footjoy SL Pro spikeless shoes and can’t speak highly enough about them. I switched to spikeless after getting frustrated with changing cleats on my old pair and not only are they easier to deal with because of that they’re just a lot more comfortable and more like sneakers.

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I have a wider foot, which means Adidas and Nike are a no-go for me but I have had good experiences with Under Armour. Got the first run of Drive 1 when they came out and now wear the Tempo Sports. Also, contacted them when the spikes were wearing out and they sent me some replacements free of charge, which was an unexpected perk.

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I couldn’t help but read this in Neil’s ad read voice.

And now it is stuck in my head.

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I really couldnt agree with you more.

Growing up, every classic style golf shoe would wear a hole in the back of my foot and i needed to put a band aid on my heel before playing. When i was in high school, they finally started making decent tennis shoe styles. then i bought a pair of the adipure z’s about 8 years ago and theyre still my go to shoes. I’ve got a pair of ecco biom hybrids that are nice, but they arent as waterproof, and i’ve got a pair of crossknit boosts for dry days. I love adidas golf shoes.

Just ordered a pair of True Linkswear Outsiders. Been wearing ECCO Biom Hybrid 2. Interested to see how they fit.

For me it’s all about comfort when walking. Taking care of your feet is important.

Used to wear uncomfortable Foot Joys. Tried on a pair of Biom Spikes back in 2012, and they were like walking on clouds. One downside with ECCO is the Hydromax is water resistant, not waterproof. They do well in wet conditions, but aren’t truly waterproof. Seems they have rectified this for the Hybrid 3s which all seem to have Gore Tex.

Had an eye on True Linkswear for a while, so figured I’d give them a shot since they are supposed to be of much higher quality than some of their other models.

Disclaimer: I refuse to pay over $120 for golf shoes.

I play a lot and mostly walk and I pretty much play in any and all conditions. Two years ago, I was on a buddies trip in WV when both pairs I brought (Sketchers and Nike) failed in the rainy conditions. I went to the pro shop and bought the only pair they had in my size. Adidas Adipower Bounce. Since then, I bought three more pairs. For the money, they are the most comfortable waterproof golf shoes I’ve ever owned. I’ve had pretty good luck with FJ over the years, but these Adidas have been awesome.

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