Golf Magazine World Top 100

With Mr. Morrissett now in charge, the panel has drastically changed as have the rankings.

Big winners include Sleepy Hollow, Cal Club, Yale, Ohoopee, Rock Creek, Southern Hills, Ballyneal, Prestwick, Rye, Swinley Forest, Somerset Hills, Myopia Hunt Club, and more.

Losers include Baltrusol, Augusta, Seminole, Oak Hill, Muirfield Village, Trump Aberdeen, Shanqin Bay, Valderrama, European Club, Yas Links, and more.

My tastes align with Ran so I am quite pleased to see the new list. As much as some people try to deny the validity and influence of Top 100 rankings, they absolutely matter. It’s enough to convince a club to undergo a restoration and for others to realize the importance of firm & fast conditioning, width, strategy, etc.

What are everyone’s thoughts on the new list?


Great post. Good Eric. We like good Eric. Look forward to taking a look at this list, thanks for pointing it out.


Unfortunately I can’t get past the first 10 courses, looks like the site is down for maintenance. Glad to see Ohoopee and Peachtree on there though. Heard great things about both places and hope to get on them soon.


I’m having the same issue with the site.

I’ll say this to agree with Eric above, say what you want about rankings, you can’t deny their importance in shaping the public perceptions of what makes a “good” golf course. With Ran leading these efforts, I hope they will celebrate strategic, natural, interesting courses and the things he wrote about it in the 147 list.


Site is running weird. But seeing a Doak (Rock Creek) and a Hanse (Ohoopee) at 99 and 98 as 2 of the first 3 courses I see has made a good impression.


For sure, I didn’t know that Ran was involved in this now. This could be a legit top 100 ranking.


Btw, I turned off my ad blocker and things started playing ball.

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Good call!

All I am seeing:


Transcribed for others:

  1. PV
  2. Cypress
  3. St Andrews (TOC)
  4. Shinnecock
  5. NGLA
  6. Royal County Down
  7. Royal Melbourne (West)
  8. Oakmont
  9. Augusta
  10. Royal Dornoch (Championship)
  11. Pebble
  12. Muirfield
  13. Royal Portrush (Dunluce)
  14. Sand Hills (COORE AND CRENSHAW !!! )
  15. Merion (East)
  16. Pinehurst (No. 2)
  17. Turnberry
  18. Fisher’s Island
  19. Chicago
  20. LACC (North)

Also got site issues, but looks like this is the full list (in brief):

Playing the 54th best course on earth tomorrow for £40. Bargain.


(68) TPC Sawgrass - Stadium
(83) Yale

scratches head


Glad to see Myopia on the list, although with the contours of the greens mostly unchanged from when it was built but the greens now running close to a 10, it’s almost unplayable for non single-digit handicappers. Then again, that’s only a small part of what makes a great course

Thanks, is… not great!

I’ve played literally one course on the list - #53 Bethpage Black - so it’s hard to make any real comments on the ranking.

TPC Sawgrass is awesome man


Surprised to not see Pasatiempo in here…


Agreed. The Old Course is the only other on the list that I’ve played. Went to THE PLAYERS and have played Bethpage Red (my mates were high handicappers and shit themselves about playing the Black), so hard to form an opinion on the actual rankings.

It’s pretty amazing Yale even made the top 100 to be honest, considering you have a hole like this out there:

Again, I haven’t played this or Sawgrass, but it doesn’t strike me as a head scratcher.

I definitely wasn’t expecting to see Yale in the top 100. That threw me for a loop.

What exactly are you saying about this hole though? Green looks potentially very interesting with a false front on the left, crazy good tucked pin on the right, and some pretty sick right-to-left contouring.

edit: reading The Fried Egg - Yale and AJ talks about the destruction of this “Eden” template hole.

As near as I can tell, the general public can play 17 of the top 50 without any sort of club or member connection - just call up and book a time. Not sure about some of the Australian ones like NSW and Kingston Heath, I counted those as private and thus not fully public accessible.

Kind of my whole issue with these rankings - these very well may be 100 of the most objectively great courses on earth. But if 95% of your readers can’t play 75% of them, then what’s the point of this? Just to give the captains of industry who belong to these places a few more reasons to jerk themselves off into a pile of hundreds? I know Digest does a top 100 list of courses you can play in the US - but even that includes places like Pebble and TPC Sawgrass which are $500+

This is all a long way of saying we should come up with a list of the world top 100 that you can play for under $150 or something. Great golf is not all hidden behind closed gates, nor only accessible via fat stacks of cash