Golf Lingo (what even is a fisher anyway?)

From other thread discussions: What golf specific lingo are you in/out on?

I’m generally out on golf as a verb except the phrase “golf his/her ball”, ambivalent on “track” and in on “sticks.”

Golf is nae a verb.
Track is nae a course.

Other than that, I think I am pretty much OK with everything else.

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i like it when certain announcers refer to the ball as a “little white pellet”. often seen in old, old videos.

Hate the phrase: “going to hit the links” (unless you’re playing a true links course, and still not sure it gets a pass).


(After someone hits a good shot)

“Golf shot right there”

What else would it be?! I am out on that.


Have any of you guise ever heard this one?

“Hey, you want to go play some small ball?”

(uncommon, but I have a buddy who says it, and I am not a yuge fan)


I’m in on saying popping instead of stroking.


No, but we use “want to play ball” from time to time.

Out on the Johnny-isms like “3-metal”, 4 par, etc.

Out on “penalty area”

Out on “tied”, waaay in on “dormie”


I like “3-metal” better than “3-wood” actually. “Fairway metal” has a nice ring to it.


Out on people saying “golf ball” instead of just “ball” or “it” (goes for any ball game/sport)

Ex: An instructor saying, “if your club faced is closed at impact, where is the GOLF ball going to go”

Same for “golf swing” vs “swing”

Ex: standing on a driving range and saying, “I’ve been trying to change xyz in my GOLF swing”

irks me.


I am way IN on saying one-,two-, or three-shot holes. Love that. Not used enough.

Related: Par is irrelevant.


In on sticks. Out on weapons. #SilenceTheViolence


My dad (not a big golfer) refuses to just say “driving range” or “range” and will only refer to the range as the “golf driving range”. Like what other kind of driving range is there lol

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Real hot take in this neck of the woods, pal.

Out on “hard” or "soft’ for describing your iron strikes, in on “big” and “little”.

Actually makes a little more sense, too, because your strike always has to be solid.

Guy I play with in a two man with on Mondays will say every single time you rake a missed putt and try it again “second guys always better” if you make it. Irks me so much that I won’t hit a second putt even if we are waiting on the group ahead.


next time make the putt and say “huh, seems the second guy didn’t show up for work today”

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“golf shot” is the worst. especially on vlogs. “What a golf shot.”

No one says “He put a good baseball swing on it there.”


1 of 2 of those for me, but the passion against Golf being a verb is a POWERFUL one.

“I golfed a 89 today” is vomit inducing for some reason. Maybe it had to do with the first person who did it enough that I decided that. Incorrect use of “hit” is another one…“I hit a 4 on #5” – VOMIT