Golf Gambling Games of the Degenerates in the Refuge

Since TS:The Carolinas has devolved into discussion of Nassau’s and pressing. I figured we could come up with a thread to discuss the finer points of what we play, how we play it, and maybe the stories behind it.

The pretty simple game I grew up playing was called Umbrella. Two man teams playing against each other. One point on each hole available for the following:

  • Low ball - lower score from each team are compared. Lower score gets the point.
  • High ball - higher score from each team are compared. Lower score gets the point.
  • Greenie - closest to the pin in regulation gets the point
  • Birdie - if one person (or both on the same team) birdies the hole, their team gets the point. If someone from each team birdies the hole, no one gets the point.
  • Putts - lower combined putts between the two teams

If a team takes all five points, it’s an Umbrella and counts as ten points.

Presses are for the hole and double the points.

Amount of money per point was decided before the round, but for our broke high school selves, was typically a quarter a point.


We play a variation of this game that’s known as the six point scotch game.

-two points for low team total
-two points for low best ball
-one point for closest to the pin in regulation (prox)
-one point for a birdie

If a team gets all six points this is known as the umbrella and the points double. So winning the umbrella would win you 12 points on that hole.

The number of presses that are allowed is entirely up to you and it’s not bad to limit the number of presses per side or per round for the sake of strategy.

For example if a press is on and one team takes all 6 points, you win x2 for the umbrella (12) and then x2 for the press for 24 total points.

Have fun, friendships can be tested but hopefully resolved over some post round beers.


Play Tilt on all Buddies Trips now as its just become one of the easiest and best games to track for us over multiple rounds on multiple courses and always ends up close and interesting. Most recent one came down to the Final two holes on the final round.

Game that I enjoy playing if you have two lower handicap players and two higher handicap players is Vegas as you can just have some wild swings if someone makes a birdie and the higher handicap player on the other team has a bad hole so it seems as if you are almost never out of it.

Normal rounds we mostly play your standard Nassau with presses/auto presses, Wolf, or baseball/nines

Somehow always find myself being the score/book keeper for all these games though…

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I’ve got just about every one of the Vegas Poker Chips. But no one really wants to ever play that as it’s “too much to remember to pass around the chips”.

My wife and I always play a Nassau match play. No real stakes (a single checking/savings account kind of make that moot) but it keeps us engaged coming down the stretch of the front and back 9s.

She’ll press every once in awhile. I always press 2 down. I may have to hit with the “press every damn hole” strategy and see how she handles it.

My buddies and I just play Wolfhammer without all the junk dots. Although I love the full on version, the stripped down version is obviously easier to keep track of.

So you just play for the hole, hammer/take dots?

Exactly right. Other than all the items, everything else still applies though, such as lone wolf, birdies, eagles, etc…

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just keep adding and making up junk at your own pace next thing you know you will be comfortable with a lot more junk

I personally love playing with all the junk. Keeps things more interesting for sure. Might be the only one in my group that feels that way, but I’m never the one keeping score.

gotta get the scorecard and keep score force everyone elses hand


in on this thread, always looking for new ways to lose dollars on the course

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I am about to open myself up to ridicule but can someone post or explain how “press” works?


My regular weekly game is a 3 ball. We keep the stakes low/friendly, but we’re definitely competing. We’ve tried a bunch of games and variations, but what we’ve settled on is one I heard about from The Fried Egg. It’s called Calvin Peete.

It’s essentially a better ball of partners match where “Calvin” is the fourth player in the group. Calvin makes par on every hole. Partners are decided on each hole according to where the tee balls land. Which ever ball is in the middle of the three is partnered with Calvin on that hole. Not closest to the center of the fairway (or green) just whichever ball is in between the other two.

I think there is a good write up on the fried egg website.

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Probably easier to just start

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Got it, so when they do it on steroids and do it per hole, and mid hole not just for the front 9

Standard group of playing mates and I always play a fun side game called ‘deuce dice’, all it requires is a set of dice, I carry a very special purple sparkley Vegas set at all times named Candice and Candy, respectively.

If anyone in the group makes a 2, they immediately give the dice a roll on the green (very important). You take the two numbers of the roll, multiply them, and everyone else in the group owes that player the dollar amount (i.e. 5 & 2 everyone owes $10). Where it REALLY can get interesting/painful is if you are playing presses. So say someone presses the other game you are playing, and someone cards a 2, then you double the dollar amount, and so on. I’ve won like 7 ways before and lost it all on someone carding a 2 late in the round, brutal, but awesome


A few years ago, I got myself into a game with an older guy at my course that had more junk than I’ve ever heard of before. We played a basic lefties vs. righties five point scotch game of two man teams (teams rotated each hole with the two tee balls on the right vs. the two tee balls on the left) and the usual points for low ball, low total, neary, birdie, and then a bonus point if a team gets all five - super standard, right? Then the guy (who is totally awesome - Hawaiian shirt, sneakers, Budweiser, smokes, lives on the course, usually discussing the plotline of the most recent episode of Monk (his favorite show) he’s watched lays out all of the junk available for extra points…

“Sneak” = getting up and down from off the green (he for sure was playing to the fringes so he could make his net par or birdie and grab the “sneak” - and also yelled out “SNEAK!” when his aforementioned sneak-earning putt would drop)

“Sandy” = self-explanatory and very standard - par on any hole involving a bunker shot

“Double Sandy” = two bunker shots during a par

“Froggy” = making par with one or more shots hit out of a staked penalty area

“Fishy” = making par with one or more shots hit while ball is partially/totally submerged in water in the hazard

“Gorby” = making par with one or more shots hit on a hole after a ball in play has struck a cartpath or other hard surface leaving a significant scuff akin to the birthmark on former Soviet president Mikhail Gorbachev’s bald head

After the round he rattled off a bunch more junk with equally entertaining names and ridiculous circumstances, but I can’t remember them now…great stuff.


most of these are standard junk in wolfhammer under different names (except “sneak”, that is ridiculous. an up-and-down is not a dot.)


We play the same game. But we call it umbriago

Hilarious how terms or version change just the slightest bit in different parts of the country. So the part of that game that is the umbriago when we play, is if two partners both birdie the same hole and double the umbrella for the, umbriago.