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Folks, interested in if anyone has any decent fitness routines for improving golf fitness that they have got from a professional or are a trainer themsleves.

I enjoy going to the gym twice a week (especially in the colder months) and I think it would be far easier to stay motivated if I knew that this would have a reasonable chance of improving my golf.

I’m not talking cardio, but more in terms of what weights or equipment you use.

I’m guessing that chest / back / shoulders are going to be more important than biceps / triceps for example. Likewise squats / dead lifts and core exercises would be useful for golf.

Flexibility is probably something I don’t know much about improving.

Interested if anyone has any tried and tested routines.


I just started an online golf fitness program, where they send you workouts to complete on your own. I’m only a week into it, but so far there are very few traditional weightlifting-type movements. It’s more focused on core strength, hip mobility, trunk rotation and hamstrings. The only equipment used are kettlebells, resistance bands and speed sticks.

18Strong’s Golf Body Blueprint is the way to go. It’s foolproof to follow and I’ve already seen results in just 3 weeks. My swing speed has increased 5mph and I feel so much more limber. I’m sure the strength will come in later workouts. They have the original Golf Body Blueprint and the GBB Activate, which is for those new to golf workouts/who haven’t been to the gym in awhile (this is the one I am doing).


Yoga. Do some videos at home if you feel weird about it, but its amazing for your core, hips and back - overall flexibility.

You can do 20 min workouts that make a huge difference.


Agree with this.

For most golfers, 20 minutes of yoga 3 times a week is going to go a lot further than 20 minutes of weights 3 times a week.


Half the barrier is feeling weird about doing it, once you get over that its borderline addicting. I just find random videos on youtube and do them at home for 20-30 minutes. Its pretty wild how quickly your back opens up in such a short amount of time. Anything to help with golf and mitigate the damage you do sitting at a desk all day.

I would add that if you want to workout to gain distance you have to do strength training. There is a reason that top tour players all lift weights and long drive pros look like body builders. Yoga is great for joints and flexibility, as well as avoiding injuries. But depending on how much workout you are trying to do, it is imperative that you do strength and explosive training exercises (Med ball throws/Slams, box jumps, many more). I did a significant amount of strength training in college and went from 112-115 mph range to 120-125 my senior year.


Also can advocate for yoga, did it all throughout my competitive career. Besides the obvious benefits of core strength and flexibility, I felt that the mindfulness helped my mental game on the course, as well

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So I’m of the belief that any golf-centric fitness program is largely a waste of time for anyone who is not a professional or dedicated amateur. We don’t need to be doing stuff that Joey D has guys doing because we just need overall improvement in strength and flexibility. That stuff sells DVD’s but you’ll see better and quicker #gainz if you just did a standard strength training program with plenty of compound exercises and/or explosive training, then added in yoga (also a huge fan) or other flexibility training. All the benefits of this sort of fitness will directly translate into your golf game just fine.


Any fitness program will help someone who previously wasn’t doing anything at all, agreed.
Just get started and be healthy!

My advice: track everything. Before and after pictures, weigh in/measure every week, track weight increases, etc. That’s the most effective way to keep on track and not burn out or lose interest.


I suffered with chronic back problems from the time I was 18 until my early 40s (I’m 51 right now). I had to quit the game in my 30s for about 10 years because of back issues.

In my early 40s I started a regular routine of squatting, deadlifting, pressing, bench pressing, power cleans and pull ups. Instead of the twice per year down weeks where my back went out and I was couch or floor-bound, I’ve had one very minor flare up in the past 8 years. It is a sample size of 1, but I attribute it to core strength and flexibility from proper range of motion in these exercises. You can do all the crunches and planking you want, but the burden on your entire core of a full squat with over 200# on your back, or a deadlift with 300#+ on the bar is a whole different ball game. Add in some powercleans for explosive power and you have a pretty good regimen.

No, I haven’t gotten bulky. Nor have I lost any flexibility (to the contrary).

Like @GluteActivator mentioned above, any golf-centric program is probably a waste of time. Get into a program for overall fitness and strength.


I find the breathing in yoga translates to golf considerably


Especially over a sliding 4 footer on quick greens. I imagine it’s the end of yoga class where they turn out the lights and let you lay on your back for what seems like 3 hours and you fall asleep and are super embarrassed when they turn the lights back on and you find out that you’ve drooled a little bit… Wait nvm that doesn’t help me on short putts. Back to Randy’s “mental miss” lol

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I don’t mean to brag, but I’m REALLY good at savasana in yoga. Might be too good.



I honestly am kind of surprised the Camilo spider didn’t catch on…
Imagine Bryson getting down like that lol

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If you’re looking for good variations of yoga, the Nike Training Club app actually has quite a few no equipment workouts and a great variety of yoga sessions to use. I use it off and on and would have to say I’ve enjoyed it more than trying to lift or bulk at this point in my life.

Grant find a TPI instructor and get a screening , your gym routine will change dramatically after it

Agree with this regarding 18Strong. Decent starting place for sure. LoadXplode is also solid.

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I’m in my ninth week of working with a trainer at my facility. I’m mostly doing it so that my daughter has a “gym buddy” to do it with, but I’ve not hated it as much as I thought I would. :slight_smile:

It’s not really any cardio, just some strength and conditioning stuff, lotta focus on the arms, chest, back, core, and legs… then again, I probably just listed every part of the body. Okay, we aren’t doing many finger strengthening exercises! :smiley:

I’m also doing SuperSpeed training on my own.

I encourage anyone who is serious about golf to do something for their general fitness.

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