Golf Fashion

:joy: I’m 6’1”. I’ve always enjoyed a shorter short and hated shorts that felt baggy, especially when playing golf. Plus my thighs are whiter than milk, so I try to get them in the sun from time to time.

I’m 6’1 and some change and I wear 9 or 10 inch inseam I cannot fathom 5

These are awesome

I’d say true to size, more of an athletic fit. I wear medium in almost everything and would wear a medium in these. I could probably get by in a small. I’m 5’11" and roughly 165 lbs

That’s cuz you’re a NorCal hippie

Hey! I resemble that remark

I’m going to assume you meant to say “resent” but maybe a Fraudian slip :rofl:


With some of the ensembles I have seen him wear on Tourist Sauce, Tron commenting on Troy Merritt’s style (“it’s so bad it’s good” on the WGC Memphis recap pod) is high comedy. Not saying that Troy’s style is defensible but I’m not sure Tron can really go after anyone in this department. I mean, minus all the logos, Tron would absolutely wear something like this:



Anybody into/collect vintage golf gear?

like old RL golf/chaps polos, vintage nike etc? wear a lot of vintage of the course so looking to bring it my game

best stuff i’ve found is Nike Challenge court tennis gear form the agassi era


Anyone have a good rec for dad hats? They’re the only style that really works for me. Vice has some every once in a while but other than that they’re hard to find.

“imperial unstructured cotton twill” is the google phrase you’re looking for.

and “performance”, “flat-billed”, or “douchey, all-caps, vowels-removed” are the keywords to avoid!

good luck!

You wear that golfing?

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While I love the look of some of the vintage stuff, I really dislike the fit. I’ve completely fallen for the modern/skinny style clothes fitting, so I’m out on anything that doesn’t hold me like a warm embrace. If you trimmed the sides off that Nike and chopped the sleeves, I’d be all over it.

Watching older tournaments is hilarious in this regard. Guys are SWIMMING in their shirts (sleeves down to the elbows), pleated pants, and whatnot. I remember those times and never thought anything about it - or if I did, it was how much BETTER the golf fashion was from the hard collars and polyester pants of the 70s. To each his own but I’m not in any rush to own anything like what folks wore in almost any period of golf unless we’re going back real far to something like this:


How about this?



I don’t miss the 100% cotton shirts in the humid deep south. Cotton does breathe better, but shirts used to get so wet and heavy and just stay that way.

Before everything was polyester and spandex :heart_eyes:

This is cleeeaaaaaan af