Golf Fashion

Let the record show that I do, in fact, know this guy.


Lulu added a golf section to their website and included these at a modest 5". That’s the only green light I need.


That inseam is far too long. See if you can find shorter shorts.


I think all the shorter options are running shorts so don’t really have the appropriate pockets for ball markers and gloves

If you’re not at risk of exposing yourself after a nukie boy 5 wood you can always go shorter.

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Oh my! I’ve got plenty of the 7” Commission shorts, but have always felt like I could afford to go shorter.

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Wearing 5” inseams is really telling on yourself.


Does the Arnold Palmer clothing line not exist any longer?

I think what you meant to say is “Does the Arnold Palmer activation not exist any longer?” Ricky is the king of activations.

It was more this:

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Ohhhhh, big difference between that and Rickie’s Puma activation with Mr. Palmer.

May have been a Sears exclusive.

When I vacationed in Tokyo in Dec/Jan, I stumbled upon an Arnold Palmer store and it actually had some sick designs and fits. However, it looks like the Japanese brand at the helm closed due to COVID.

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Great part of Lulu is they will most likely hem those for free if that’s something you’re interested in.

hey @gremlingolfer got something for your closet: Premier Golf Polos

I’ve seen this one IRL and it’s amazing


I like that. Wonder what the fit is like.

How tall are you guis? This shit is wild man

:joy: I’m 6’1”. I’ve always enjoyed a shorter short and hated shorts that felt baggy, especially when playing golf. Plus my thighs are whiter than milk, so I try to get them in the sun from time to time.

I’m 6’1 and some change and I wear 9 or 10 inch inseam I cannot fathom 5

These are awesome