Golf Fashion and Style

I’m not sure this will draw a huge crowd, but I always pay attention to what the guys on tour are wearing. It seems like in the past few years, the golf fashion world has gone in two distinct directions:

  • The Nike Route - Monochrome or loud color schemes (like the mustard Jason Day pants at Torrey yesterday), unusual patterns and stripes, joggers, sneakers-like golf shoes,form fitting clothes and blade collars. Brands may include Nike, Puma, G/Fore, and Adidas.

  • The Classic Route - semi-traditional color schemes and patterns, saddle shoes, needlepoint belts, and slim-fit but not form fitting. Brands may include RLX, Travis Matthew, Penguin, FootJoy, Under Armour, Peter Millar.

  • Some of these (Puma, Adidas, Under Armour, Penguin) may fall somewhere in the middle

Personally I fall somwhere in the middle, but lean pretty hard towards the classic side. Justin Thomas’ tie and cardigan at the Open was an iconic moment, and I can’t believe the Nike truck lets Rory out of the house sometimes in his scripting.

So which camp are you in? What are some of your go to-brands or articles of clothing when you need to, as @MikeHoncho famously said, get a fit off? Are there any good blogs/write-ups on golf fashion that you follow? What accessories like belts, hats, or shoes do you rock? Who’s the best and worst dressed on tour, past and present?


I think JT routinely looks good, and Polo does a great job dressing its guys – a little on the traditional side, but they rarely brick a look. DJ’s outfits are monochrome and awful. Jason Day has never once worn anything good in his life. Billy Horschel is, as we said in another thread, a very solid dresser.

And I’ll say this – now that Rickie has toned it down a bit, I think he dresses very well.


Adidas produces some of worst offerings of the bunch. Adidas shirts could put man boobs on a broomstick. #FreeRahmbo


That’s a good Rickie take, and that’s why I threw Puma in the middle. They’ve somehow un-jumped the shark in recent years.

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Well I dont care if this wont be a popular thread, I’m all in for style threads. Anyone can dress like a slob and I refuse to.

This is how it’s done.


This may be a contrarian take but I’m trying to re-live the 90s to early 2000s, I like baggy FJ shirts and that dumpy dufner look lol, just loose fitting and doesn’t stick to you (no pleats though we can’t go back to that). Still rocking TW 14’s or 15’s for spikes so again anything athletic with higher ankle coverage. And finally if I could just play in rain clothes with non golf clothes underneath year round I probably would.


Oh an bucket hats wit the front flipped up for days.


I just threw up in my mouth



surely you jest? :neutral_face:

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I have 10-12 shirts that are solid colors from all sorts of brands (Nike, FJ, Greg Norman, Ahead, Peter Millar). I’m at a point where I only wear pants now (being a Golf Professional has rubbed off on me too much, perhaps) and have khaki, gray, navy, and black from Under Armor and Tommy Armour. When it’s chillier and I want to change things up, I have 3 pullovers in my closest that I can throw on, or several sweatervests. I also carry one pullover, one rain jacket, and rain gloves in my bag for when the weather turns mid-round and I need to layer up.

My biggest “thing” is that I rotate between a white cap and a black cap every round. Whichever one I go with, I have to wear the corresponding color belt and shoes. Yes, I wear a white belt every other round. Eat me. When you total everything up, you get what I’m going to call a modernized classic look. See pictures below for that rationale and tell me if I’m mistaken.

Big fan of how JT is dressed. I also think Tiger looks very good out there. JDay, for as much as I love him, has really dipped down ever since leaving Adidas for Nike. Not a fan at all. Phil is the bottom of the barrel though. Looks like he’s hungover the night before and picks the first things available in the closest while scrambling to make it on time.




you better swallow it! lol

No joke, you wanna dress up; save it for the patio or the members grill lol

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I was always a J Lindeberg guy for many years as everything was well made a classy now its bright as and the quality not so good , I’m a classic guy RLX, Footjoy etc nearly 50 so some of the Nike ,Adidas stuff is a bit much, Nike shoes are a no no , Footjoy Icons or Dryjoy Tour all day




I am a big fan of Iliac and Greyson golf. Both of great patterns and fit more snug than Adidas or Nike. I don’t like a lot of fabric and like my clothes more fit.

Now if I could ever get @Tron to hook me up with a connection for Callaway Japan I could be swayed



Something tells me that if I ever met you on a patio my first reaction wouldn’t be “My, hasn’t he made the effort.”

No it would be, who let this caddy on the patio?!

Another +1 for JT.

I am actually on a diet and one of the motivating factors is that I can drop a few quid on some nice Ralph Lauren polo shirts to wear in the summer and look semi-decent in them.

Most of the younger guys look pretty good these days. Not certain about Billy Horschel - although he has got a deal with Ralph now.

Personally think Tiger’s red / black combo looks very old hat these days. It’s been 22 years, change it up Tiger. That would get people taking notice and buying some new kit.

Classy looking gear as is Dunning . Links Soul looks good but not seen any over in Scotland