Golf Channel Graphics


I noticed new graphics, very generic to PGA Tour, as if the sole purpose is to standardize across stations and maybe help with that 15 minute coverage gap.

Anybody heard anything about this?


It looks as though they are font sharing with NFL Films.


… circa ‘92. I actually noticed this as well. Definately not the sharpest presentation.


Good thing they have “For birdie” in 48 point font on the screen


I can’t wait until we see something huge like for quadruple bogey. :joy:


Expect a double space after a full stop and Comic Sans at the Phoenix Open. #marketing


Looks very hoky keeping that up after they take the player’s name and score off the green. It’s the PGA Tour in 2019. not a mini golf game on Atari.


I find the continual listing of how an individual fared in 2018 in the four majors and The Players ™ to be a little on the disgusting side.


@thefriedegg believes this is a push by the PGA Tour to make the Players the 5th major. I am 100% onboard with this take and think it happens in the next 3 years.


Retroactively make Rickie a major winner?


Mix of serif and sans serif fonts on the same graphic clashes so poorly.


Had the same thought, stuck between release patterns there. If you have two fonts you don’t have one.


agree and sometimes you can’t see them as they are blending into the background



Is the “For Birdie” graphic going to work without the player name when we have tournaments with more anonymous players?


They’ve used WordArt with a 50/50 gradient from Microsoft Word circa 2007. Great year for WordArt tbf. Glad to see it back.


It’s gonna be tough to decide which coverage will be more insufferable this season: Bryson shots vs Cam Champ shots.

Cut to Bryson: make a hacky joke about him using some sort of data to decide on a shot, as if no one else does it.
Cut to Champ: make a hacky joke about how he hits it far (Here’s Champ on the 12th tee, and this one may reach the mainland!)


How do we feel about the video game graphics from the Asian Tour?

I honesty don’t hate it, fun to always know what club they have before the shot is hit.


So much for them being standardized across networks. CBS looks just like previous years.