Golf Channel Am Tour Cancelled + Roll Call

Did anyone else see the announcement from Golf Channel that the AM Tour is cancelled for the year? Here is the link -

It’s such a bummer. Some people have said that they think it will not come back at all. Any other GC Am Tour players in here?

My state golf association cancelled the 4-ball and my amateur qualifier too. Not sure what the state amateur scene will look like this year.

I’m planning to play in some Nextgengolf City Tour events, possibly some Golfweek AM tour tournies now, but does anyone else have advice on other places to play outside of club tournaments?

Golfweek AM is continuing in Chicago, but tournaments are reduced to 40 (from 100-120) and they have to follow all of the state guidelines. I am not going to play any events until that is lifted, just not worth the money or hassle.

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It seems like Golfweek AM has had event all throughout the pandemic. Seems pretty crazy to me…

From what I hear, events can be any size as long as they are tee times and there are no gatherings. Events are pretty much just like playing a round of golf at this point, but he it’s good to get outside and can get some decent tee times as a result.

Different in Chicago as tee-times have to be 15 minutes apart, no more than twosomes, raised cups, etc.

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Golfweek AM Indianapolis had a few cancelled, it looks like, but they’re back at it this weekend. There is a limit of 40, though, even though we don’t have any limits put in the state guidelines (we never closed, either, except a couple counties).

I had no idea this existed, but this is precisely what I’ve been looking for. I don’t have the index to compete in even state-level events, to say nothing of USGA events. But with so many people on The Refuge emphasizing the importance of tournament play to get better, even as a high handicapper, I’ve been looking for more ways to play amateur tournaments. Once life gets back to normal, I think I’ll be joining you at these (even if that means waiting until next year).


If money was no object, I would have played on the Golfweek AM already. Some great courses. Unfortunately…

Yeah, it is nice the Nextgengolf City Tour events do not require a handicap and you play in a team best ball or team scramble format which is great for people that do not want to compete in just individual stroke play. It’s good to play in as many tournies as possible to get reps under your belt and get better.

The GC am tour is shuttered permanently now.

Sad news. I hadn’t played it in a few years but it was fun and my first time playing actual tournament golf. Made some good friends and connections there and had some great memories. Qualifying for and playing in nationals my rookie year and getting to see Feherty perform was great. Will never forget winning my flight for a regional 2 day major and seeing my name on the ticker during morning drive.

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I’m in my 3rd year of the Golf Week Am Tour. We have had some events cancelled here in our region but we are back at it now as long as all guidelines can be met.

I really like it and have met a bunch of great people through it.