Golf Ball of choice

With everything currently in the market. I would love to hear everybody’s opinion on what ball they play. I have always wanted to play something that wasn’t the ProV1, I just hated playing the same ball as almost everyone in my group. I got introduced to a company called 3up golf back in 2013, out of business now unfortunately due to a lawsuit from acushnet, great ball. From there I really got into Snell. So I would probably say the Snell MTB Black would be my ball of choice.


Played the Vice Pro Plus for the last four years or so and last fall grabbed the MTBX and MTB Black. I like both fine, but if I were going to a ball at retail, there’s no way it’s not the TP5X. Every time I hit it, I remember how delightful it feels.

Can’t quite say why, but it’s my favorite of the big boy balls by a mile.


So until probably this time last year I was a ‘play whatever you find’ guy. I had a friend move away who was a pretty serious golfer and he gave me a few dozen Bridgestone Tour B XS. I liked the ball but I was probably averaging rounds in the mid-90s, had no kind of consistent contact, and was playing with decade-old Nike Slingshots so there was just zero feedback. When I got new clubs in November, I grabbed the Pro V1x on some Black Friday deals and played it for the past six months. They’re great balls, but they’re just rarely on sale and I wasn’t getting the kind of spin I wanted around the greens so I was itching to try out something new. I’ve just switched to the TaylorMade TP5 for this season because I got some solid deals/had gift cards at a local shop, so we’ll see what happens. After three rounds, I’m pretty happy with the choice and they seem very durable, plus my wedge play this weekend was real damn good.

Edit: I complete forgot about the like five rounds where I played Top Flite pre-Bridgestone. I successfully erased that from my memory.


TP5 and TP5X are awesome. I’m losing less balls these days, so I may make the switch when I use up my supply of Vice and Snell.


@davidc you already know!

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Have played TP5x for awhile now. I’ve given some good run to ProV, Bridgestone, Chrome Softs, etc and I liked them all but have always gone back to the TP5x ever since they came out a few seasons ago.

I grab used 4A or 5A ones off eBay, usually the same dealer and have never had any issues. Some of them come with random markings on them but it’s all good.


I played the Srixon Z-Star’s for a while since I feel they are high-quality balls sub $40/dozen. I found and played with a TP5x one day and haven’t gamed anything else since.


I’ve been a Bridgestone B XS gui for a few years but recently landed three boxes of Snell MTB Blacks. To me, they feel just as nice and are roughly half the $.

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Titleist AVX. Perfect Balance between soft distance rock and performance ball.


Played the Bridgestone Tour B X pretty much all of last year, have a few of those still left in the bag. Eager to try out the new 2020 versions of the X and XS balls sometime this summer.

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I’m a Bridgestone fan. Have plenty of the tour B X stocked up for this year.


I used to bounce around to whatever was on sale, and bought a pile of practice ProV1X which was a mistake. Settled on the Z Star which I’ll keep up with until I run out - stocked up pretty heavily over Black Friday. Might give the TP5 another go after that.

Z-stars. Quality ball and typically cheaper than the other high end balls. To be fair I can’t tell much difference between different brands tour level balls so the price and the fact that most people I know don’t play them are the selling points for me.


I also switched to the TP5x this year. It’s just an awesome awesome ball. It’s the first one I’ve ever noticed a huge difference with. It feels good, it performs well, and it’s super durable. I’m gonna hit a few TP5s to see the difference but I don’t see myself switching to any other ball anytime soon.


I miss this one.



Noodle. They’re long AND soft, need I say more.

For real, when everything started getting shut down, I was traveling for spring break and even though I had 3 dozen Srixons that were given away to me just sitting in my room, I only brought a dozen with me. Long story short, I was told not to return to campus, stranding me with essentially no golf balls left after I lost most of them over the course of spring break. Looking for a cheap solution when I got home, I went out and bought a 15-pack of Noodles for $12. 10 consecutive rounds in the mid-70s, including my first round under par (I’m like an 8 handicap), I think I may have become a full convert to the Noodle.


Played whatever until the early 2000’s. Played the NXT/NXT Tour/NXT Tour S but have since moved to the ProV1x since Titleist started making them in yellow (a lot easier to pick them up during dewsweeping rounds). Tried TaylorMade and Callaway; wasn’t impressed.


Former Noodle and Mojo player here. Respect the honesty.

TBH for most people this is probably the right answer. Just about anything that you think feels good is likely good enough.

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Been exclusively a Chromesoft guy the past 3-4 years. However my stach is getting low and debating trying something else next.

Was Chromesoft for a while until I went for a fitting and we experimented with a few different ball choices. Landed on TP5x and been really happy with it since. Great feel, discernible performance. I do like to tinker so I have tried out. A few others. The new Tour B X needs to be tested against TP5x, initial impressions are off the charts.

I also like to keep a yellow ball on hand for when I play in groups or with my dad and wife who struggle to follow ball flight. Right now it’s the Vice Pro which is fine, curious to put it up against the Callaway ERC Soft. But I think Taylormade just came out with yellow TP5x?