Golf Advisor Packages

First time planning a golf trip and was wondering if anyone has ever booked a package through Golf Advisor? The rates they post seem like a pretty good deal, but not sure if there are any catches to it. For reference, I am thinking of going to Arizona in November and they have 4 nights and 4 rounds for $187 per person/per night (includes rental car as well). One of the rounds is at one of the nicer courses (Troon/We-Ko-Pa). The rest of the rounds are at places like Eagle Mountain, The Boulder, McDowell, etc. Anyone have experience with these Golf Advisor packages? Or with those with AZ golf experience, does this sound like a good way to go?

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Read the fine print carefully when it comes to when the tee times are. It gets dark real early here in November. Any tee time after 1-1:15pm and you risk not finishing before dark as a foursome especially if there are people in front playing kinda slow. Golf Advisor is part of GolfNow, and I would not be surprised if they are using the GolfNow “hot deals” as part of those packages. The “hot deals” tend to be later in the day or at times where it is questionable whether you will finish 18 or not.

Also inquire with the individual courses about cartpath restrictions, most courses here are being overseeded right now and will be CPO for 2-4 weeks after reopening. Some people don’t care, but I refuse to play while CPO, even if you walk it ends up being a slow round because of all the riders in front of you.

Post your question in the Phoenix/Scottsdale thread or at least read recent posts in that thread to get some good info.

Personally, I don’t like packages, because I like to select and control every aspect of the trip myself. Maybe I’m missing out on saving money, but I prefer my way.


Where are the accommodations in this package?

Going to say, if you’re okay with ~$200/day, you can get a decent Airbnb and play some really good golf in Nov, planned and scheduled yourself.

I would look at scheduling yourself first. Call the clubs you want to play and see if there’s anything they have in play. If not, find your courses and then snag accommodations near the course