Glow Golf: Highly Underrated

Just wanted to bring an extremely fun and seemingly unvisited idea to my very close (while maintaining social distancing) personal friends of The Refuge. I’m not certain why it took me a year to think of posting this here, and for that I apologize. Some friends and I had recently donated these to the good folks at Brough Creek National and after seeing @sundaybag post today that made me think, the people need to know about this.

I have no personal ties to anyone at this company, and unfortunately am not receiving any monetary benefits for recommending this. So it’s a free ad, if you will. Prepare to be influenced.

About a year ago I threw in a cup and flag in my backyard for some much needed chipping practice. As I was searching for the common everyday flag stick, I stumbled upon this “night golf” or “glow golf” idea. I have placed a few links of the purchases that I made below, along with some best practices on a few of them. I’m sure there are plenty of places (perhaps cheaper) these supplies can be purchased at, these were basically just the first places I came across while researching.

Any person of any age that comes over to our house always wants to play this. Especially kids. They just go absolutely nuts over it. It has provided endless hours of entertainment and it really is just a blast. I would say anyone with a decent spot in a back yard that is large enough for a 20 yard chip shot would enjoy something like this. This idea has a lot of the same elements as a night session at Topgolf, but I have also noticed it has the same lure. People who have never picked up a golf club, or haven’t swung a club in years thinks this is fun. Remember that first trip to your local bowling alley for “Extreme Bowling”? This is that level of fun, but with an obviously better sport. (WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE, I AM)

Hitting Mat ($10-15): I would recommend purchasing one that has some type of weighted mat attached to it at the bottom. I have tried with and without the weight of the mat and it just moves too easily after every hit without it. (currently out of stock, but this is the idea)

Lighted flag stick ($30): I bought a green and white one because I figured those colors would be brightest. The green looks so cool that I have not yet even opened the white one, but perhaps @sundaybag could chime in with his opinions on the colors.

Lighted golf balls ($64.68/dozen): Would recommend getting the option with various colors, especially for when playing team games. I never use the ‘led flashlight’ that comes with it. The flashlight on your phone works just the same and is obviously more convenient. I have had these for just over a year now and have noticed the lights starting to fade on them a bit. The site says they have an estimated 14 hour battery life, but I wouldn’t be surprised if we’ve gotten more out of ours. At $5.39/ball (shout out Titleist) they aren’t cheap, but I think they are well worth it.

Golf cup ($10.45 + shipping): I also bought a regular flag stick from this site for daytime

DISCOUNTS (listed on their site):
GLOWFUN - 10% off all orders over $75
IP35 - 35% off UPS Ground Shipping for online orders over $35
SHIP55 - 55% off UPS Ground Shipping for online orders over $75
SHIPFREE - FREE SHIPPING for UPS Ground for online orders over $150

There are various other “glow sport” things on that site as well. I’m going to dive into the basketball realm shortly after getting this goal upright. If anyone has any questions or needs any recommendations, I’d be happy to help.


Nice! Love glow golf. Pro tip for people traveling to Bandon: you can set up glow golf through the assistant pro at Pac. Most people don’t know that. Either off of the deck by the punchbowl to 18 green at Pac, or off 10 tee to 18 green at Bandon. I prefer the 10 tee at Bandon because it’s right by the lodge so it’s easy to pop in and grab drinks and such, plus you get an audience of jelly bro’s from the lodge and the inn haha. Super fun with bigger group of guys. Highly recommend.


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