Girls Who Golf in Oregon

I joined The Nest this year to support NLU, but honestly didn’t expect to use the message board. I am inspired and encouraged by @gruetergolf to see if there are any girls that want to play in the Portland area? I am very much a beginner.

Want to leave this open to Oregon in case others want to coordinate in different areas (and I’m also up for a road trip!).


Oh man. @Sarah this sounds right up your alley once the border opens.


Cc @Geaugolf who is very much NOT a beginner but a legend of this place and someone who can make your headcover game look like you’re a scratch


She also golfs her brains out!! Hahahahaha

Thanks for the kind words. Always happy to hook up with some local golfers!



Where do you live ? West? East??

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Ladies bandon trip?!!!


@Geaugolf West! I like The Reserve because they are very encouraging to new players, but hopefully there are some others as well. The only course I’ve had a bad experience so far is Pumpkin Ridge.

@Sarah a Bandon trip would be awesome! I love it down there (I’ve walked Pacific Dunes with my husband). I need to get my swing a bit more consistent before I spend the money on that, but it’s definitely a goal for me!

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tell me about pumpkin ridge? Im a 30 year member there. Id love to improve your history there LOL I know its kinda hard with all that tall grass, but heres the thing with new golfers: dont stress yourself on all the technicalities … enjoy the game. use your hand wedge. get some shots under your belt before you beat yourself up trying to make a score. this isn’t life and death. its a game… love to play some golf with you to improve your “experiences” I live on the west side. off 185 and west union


Oh nice! It sounds like members are better, but it was the attitude of people on the Ghost Creek side, not the course. I actually had a couple guys heckle me on the driving range. I think they had been drinking, but still. I walk with my husband a lot there and it’s very much a boys club attitude. I hardly ever see women. I just get really bad vibes from the people. The course itself is great.


@ChickPhilA road trip?

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That sucks, @treehouse. I’ve played Ghost many times, and you are right that there aren’t a ton of women, but they are out there.

That said, you should heckle those douche bags right back. No place for that in my opinion.

Also, @Geaugolf is exactly the total rockstar everybody says she is - makes an awesome headcover (or a thousand!), plays a great round of golf, and is an excellent host!

Good luck finding some ladies of NLU Oregon! And whenever I’m on PDX, I’d be happy to play a round with you…


That’s awful. I’ve been so pleasently surprised with the way the dudes on the Refuge interact with women and have treated me here. It’s obvious from the outset I’m a women (since I use my first name) and I’ll lean in and be outspoken about women in golf etc and I’ve been so grateful how great the crew has been (even if they don’t always agree with me and surely are tired of me at many turns…). I’ve met a bunch of the dudes here in real life or over zooms and they’ve all been top notch!


Every golfer started at the same place: the beginning: I’ve been harassed on the course before by men… the rolling of the eyes when they see a woman approach… trust me… getting better is the sweetest revenge you’ll ever get. Cuz when those ash holes make their remarks and you crush them on the course, they’ll shut up right quick. .

For now ignore them. They probably shot in the 100s and got drunk to forget it! Lol


men who roll their eyes at women golfers are just insecure about them being better than they are, a sad story that repeats itself a lot


News flash: isn’t just golf

Not a shot at your comment, just a fact of life. Yet I lay in bed right now next to my wife (side note: who’s snoring) and she told me tonight how she’s close to making managing director (big deal in the finance world). I’ve never been so proud. Women run this world, the men just don’t know it… yet


I had started a post stating that ignoring heckling men isn’t new to me, but didn’t get to post it because I had some work meetings. I don’t need you to mansplain life as a woman to me, to be honest.

I was just posting here to try and find some fun women to play golf with. I am fine ignoring rude men, but if I can financially support courses that have a better culture I’d rather go there. That was my only point when I said I had a bad experience at a course and I didn’t go into detail until asked. I want to delete this topic because this was not where I wanted it to go.

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I truly think @HibernatingBear was responding to the post above his.

Sorry y’all have to deal with that crap. It’s so stupid.

Also, there is a great group of ladies that contribute to the board, we need more. Get involved! You’ll love this place!


Yeah this. Sorry, @treehouse that wasn’t at you. Was commenting on the below. I’ll leave now since I’m on the other coast and have no business in here. Haha

This needs to happen!


Tron warned me but I totally fell in love with Oregon during the Gearhart event. If we do another one out there, you must come! Even if you’re a beginner, trust me, you’ll fit in.

Come to Colorado and play with me!