Gimmie snafu

This weekend in a fairly normal game there was a gimmie altercation in our match.

The match was 2v2 match better ball, and then single net low and single tilt on the side. We play for a small amount of money in each game. We’re all friends. Two of the guys are brothers. Other two are cousins. It’s a very close group of 8-10 guys that generally get together for different casual money games.
So this weekend. 17th hole. One brother is on the opposite team and is not playing well. The other brother is on my team (they’re also twins). Brother on the other team swats it around on a par 3. Chips up to about 3 feet for double bogey. I’m in for par. His partner has about 30 feet for birdie to win the hole and square the match going to the last. We pretty much always play good within the leather of the putter. It’s a very easy standard rule for us. None of us are great. Low handicap of the group I think is a 9.

I call the putt good. I know it’s for double. I know it means nothing. No harm no sweat. His brother, my partner says no no no I want it putted out after he had already raked it away. He didn’t see if it was inside the leather of the putter, it was very close. They got into it pretty good. He ended up marking back about where it was. The partner ended up 3 putting from 30 feet. He made the putt for double. We won the hole and match. But I guess not to my knowledge there was implications for the tilt game since he was on triple tilt at the time and the game was close among all of us.

Things were heated after. My partner was mad at me for calling it good. I tried to defend why I did it cause I thought the putt meant nothing. Then it brought up a bigger discussion about gimmies going forward. One guy wants to completely hole everything. I’m against that because I think it slows down play a good amount and well we’re not good anyways.

I still think I did nothing wrong with giving the putt even if he did miss and take net double on triple tilt. I don’t wanna win a few bucks off a friend for making him miss a 30 inch putt for double bogey. That’s just the way I look at it.

Thoughts on this. Thoughts on how to manage gimmies moving forward.

I think the short (and easy) answer is, “the more complicated the match, the less you give”.


when you putt everything out, you dont have to worry about snafu’s like this

i get the point of gimmes and all that, but its been my experience once you start giving them out, they become expected and then the distance/length varies, etc

especially when you are playing games other than just straight up match play, putting everything out just makes life so much easier

We changed our game due to this fact.

Last year, we played 4 man teams, low two net, against the other 3-4 groups. Groups were decided at random with a ball drop on the practice green.

There were a couple guys starting to get fast and loose with gimmes, so now we play a 2 man, low 1 net best ball against the other twosome in our group, and the other teams as well. I think its helped a little bit.

if its straight up 1 v 1 match play, then thats a bit different…but especially for stroke play or team play, nah man just putt that shit out

I agree. In general, i’d prefer to just putt everything out anyway. Less bickering back and forth about what is good, and “you gave Tim that putt yesterday”.

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Plenty of jabs on the golf course for leaving putts short and the like, but if I heard someone say this, my god, all bets are off. Butt end of jokes for the rest of time.

“Well yeah, that was yesterday and Tim is putting like shit today.”

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yeah, i just hate hearing people gripe about gimmes.

If its a gimme, make it asshole.


I’m anti-gimmie. In stroke play especially no putt is good until it’s in the hole. That being said if you gave it to him, you gave it to him. You can’t give a guy a putt then take it back and make him put it, that’s rude.

Now I’ll hijack this thread to post a snafu of my own.

Played a game of Wolf this weekend at a muni. On the 4th hole, the conversation came up about playing “rake and place” in bunkers since it had rained a shit ton the night before and the bunkers were in atrocious condition. One guy claims to have not heard the rest of us agree to “rake and place” and on 16 when he saw one of us do it he claimed the match shouldn’t count because he wasn’t playing that way.

Should the match count? Are we pussies for playing “rake and place” regardless? Is he a pussy for not doing it? Should bunkers (ahem… they’re called hazards) even be maintained in the first place?


sounds like dude was getting beat and grasping for something to minimize the damage


Agree with this. The putt was good once it was given.

Your partner might have had a gripe with you @BigBackstopping, but in no way should he have had to putt it after it was given and raked.


Big fan of reasonable gimmes, especially on weekends and even in money games. Anything to improve the pace of play. Watching 3 guys in the group in front of you grind over 2.5 footers is Dante’s 3rd circle of hell.

Like others have said, once that putt was given, it was good. Your partner getting heated over it should not have been directed at the opponent, who had every right to rake it once it was given. And directing heat at you for giving it was probably not warranted either, given the circumstances and context of the match you described above.

Was your partner just not having a good day? Doesn’t sound like the stakes were really worth getting riled up over.


Evidently you dont appreciate the schadenfreude the way i do.

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Exactly. But they are twin brothers and it can get very testy between them at times. Whole thing was that a big snafu. Not good.

I kinda laid on the sword after and now I’m like nah screw that I gave the putt, my partner should have shut up and dealt with it.

A simple “oh chill the fuck out Randy” sounds like it was in order.

then the three of you can make fun of his pouting for the next 5 holes.


I got into a heated situation a few weeks ago. We were playing a 5 some skins game. The skins all backed up to #11. I made about a 20ft putt for birdie. It was down to one guy that strokes the hole who needed to 2 putt to push the skin. He runs the putt a little less than 3 ft passed the hole. Other guys say “that’s good” I say hell no I want to see it. (Guy is a terrible putter) He stands up to the putt and misses it. Other guise say “that was good man don’t sweat it” WTF that’s an 88$ gimme and completely fucks me out of a good birdie.

Argument was that majority rules. My argument was fuck that I’m the one who’s skin is taken away I should have every right to see the putt go in. We are all friends and play all the time so I said whatever fine it was good to just keep the vibe good, but was seething inside.

Am I a dick for not agreeing with the group that it was good? Of course it’s good to them it keeps the skins running.

Spoiler alert: I didn’t end up winning the damn skins later on. Surprise surprise

Skins has to be a set rule. Putt it out or literally lay down the putter to check. Other guys can’t call it good because it benefits them that it was good and hurts you.



If someone gives it, and immediately someone else says its not, its not good. I know this seems like it runs contrary to the “once given its good” thing i said above. But it someone IMMEDIATELY says its not. its not.


nope, you arent a dick at all for that

another reason to just putt everything out thats not a 1 v 1 match play situation