Getting back to where I left off...

Due to work, I haven’t played any golf (except two rounds) in the past year. I am in the process of going back to hopefully playing once a month. On top of that, I have a family golf outing in late December to get ready for. Does anyone have any tips for getting back to where they were after a long time off? Should I hit the range a lot, or just try to ease my way back into my game?

As for handicap, I was at a 17 prior to my hiatus, but I have been as low as an 11 in my prime.

I took 4 years off back when I was at university, I was a low single digit handicap when I hung up the clubs. Came back to it when I got out of school and hit the range for a couple days, did quite a bit of short game practice to try to get the feels back, then just started playing. First thing I did on the range is check the fundamentals, setup/alignment, etc. The important thing is to not have any expectations about being at the same level as you were before the hiatus, just enjoy the walk/ride on the course, enjoy the weather, hit shots as best you can and celebrate the good ones.

On the range, make it more than just beating balls, make a game, switch targets frequently, try to hit different shots, play holes (hit driver/wood, iron, then maybe a chip/pitch shot). Same thing on the practice green, make 18 par 2 holes and see how close you can come to par. Good to mix it up too with putts, give yourself some realistic chances at making a 1, mix a few chips in there.

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I picked up the game again last year after 9 years of playing 3 rounds total. I think the range is good to knock some cobwebs off the swing, but for me, range success rarely translates to the course. So play as many rounds as you can before your trip.

However, if you can’t find your swing, take a lesson or two. I took a couple last year after my swing was super bad, and got fixed up. Now, I am playing better golf than 9 years ago. Good luck.

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