Gettin' Gucci with George Gankas 💦 and california geography

Loved this latest pod with G. I’ve been up to Westlake in the last month to hit balls while my wife was out with her girls and George was at the end of the range with a junior golfer; maybe 10 years old. Kid was absolutely striping it. And I gotta say, Gankas is a helluva hype man when you get a swing thought right! It was awesome just to watch. Anyone else been following George for a while or used his online coaching?

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I’ve been following his instagram for a while, but haven’t used his coaching. I kind of regret it now, because he used to look at your personal swing videos before he went big time.

I can watch Tristian Gretzky’s swing all day - and loved the pod of Soly and GG. #ScoobySnacksForDays

Really good pod. Been following him on IG for several years but never used the coaching. I try and steal some of the concepts he teaches without really knowing what the hell I’m doing and they seem to work at times. He’s definitely gotten me off the idea that your swing needs to look a certain way.

Loved the end when he got in the weeds with Soly on his game.

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Completely agree. I used to think my swing had to look like ‘insert PGA Pro here’ for me to be “good” and it’s just not true. Just have to groove consistency with speed.

You could really feel Soly thinking out his swing and visualizing what G was saying. Over the phone too! That’s a good coach.

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haven’t listened yet, but I definitely love looking at the cool swings he posts on his Instagram.

he’s definitely found a great way to market himself

He also seems to have a normal dude vibe. I’ve seen Sean Foley at 3 pga tour events walking behind his students, dressed head to toe in his black on black ‘Nike uniform’. I just can’t see GG looking like that heh.

I generally don’t trust the self-promoter / social-media swing guru types that try to overwhelm you with face-to-path trackman minutia, but his healthy disdain for the PGA certification process raised him quite a few notches in my unofficial “book”.


“You can’t name one number one player in the past 30 years who tucked his right arm.”

Luke Donald.

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I guess I am in the minority on this one. I thought George can off as a bit of a blowhard. This pod was the first I’ve heard of him and although I agree with his ideas of individuality in swings he came off as pompous. Sure not every coach needs to be PGA or TPI certified and players at the highest level are becoming more and more trackman robots but GG’s my way is better attitude just didn’t rub me the right way. I think 99% of coaches wouldn’t have messed around too much with Matt Wolfe’s swing after seeing how he pounds the ball and his numbers on a trackman once. Anyone on the Refuge who praises this guy but shits on The Scientist DeChambeau is fradulent.

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100%. Listening to him speak throughout the pod, I couldn’t stop thinking of Rex Kwon Do from Napoleon Dynamite.


Bumping this GG thread because hopefully Season 3 of TS is coming soon?? Very excited for that and sounds like they have some good GG content. (cc: @djpie)

Also, what is the story with his friend Aaron Smith? aka @thebestgolfer on IG. Guy is pretty funny and I just came across some of his videos recently.

Finally, ultimate reason for the post, I saw GG mentioning “online lessons” on his IG the other day. Basically you send over some video, he marks it up, tells you what is good and what needs work and gives you some drills and things to practice, then you have some follow up later on. I have never taken a lesson before and figured it could not possibly hurt, so I sent payment and some video over and he is going to help me with my driver. I have no expectations beyond it being entertaining and genuinely curious what he will say about my swing. Any one else here done this??


I’ve though about it, let me know if you think it’s worthwhile.

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Mind me asking what it costs?

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$200 for online I think, $350 per hour in person.

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Please do update us. I’d love to know if it helps

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just got back to chicago after working with GG last week. Everytime I go see him, my understanding and knowledge of the golf swing multiplies, also now that i know what i need to do, theres a ton of work ahead of me


I sent my vids a few months ago. I’m a decent player (1.8 index) and was looking for GG’s opinion.

Well, I certainly got it. Inside of two weeks I received an email from him with a breakdown from P1 to P10. Quite frankly, it was brutal. He literally opened the email with, “so at address you have prison ass.” He did provide positive feedback as well and then a Dropbox file with about 8 drills that address each shortcoming.

I see a local guy who knows GG’s stuff well, so it certainly helps to have immediate feedback.


Thrilled to hear this. Glad to know he really digs in. Have you had positive results?

I love that Brandel is out there grinding getting a lesson from GG.

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I’m OUT on George Gankas. He always wears these ridiculous hats that are usually found on the noggins of troublemaking teens. Don’t trust a grown man who wears hats like this.

This just in - ED dislikes George Gankas.

In other equally as shocking news, the sun rose today.