GCA - Anyone else like to draw golf courses?


Dig the Shinnecock style road going through the 4th.


Love the boomerang green on 5


This is cool. It’s like the adult version of doodling imaginary creatures.

Before I read your hole descriptions, my hands were already sweating looking at 7, thinking how I would have to start the ball out at the water with my ball flight to have a chance. Between the criss-crossing fairways and approach shot over the road, make sure you get a good insurance policy!


Making us walk that extra 0.5km for a beverage at the pub…sheesh

Seriously LOVE this though, and getting some “Cabot” vibes from 7 and 8.
Here’s what I would imagine the 2nd green looking like (it’s the approach to 14 at Torrey North)


We should do a Lido competition on the Refuge. Prizes. Thoughts?


Was legit going to DM you about this lol
Do we want to do a contest like the “Lido” where it’s just one hole?

Or do we do our own where we design a 3 hole route?


I’m open to ideas


I like the Lido idea. Would lean toward 1 hole (because I have a hole that I am working on and because my limited artistic abilities lend themselves more toward single holes at this point in time, baby steps).


I’ll coordinate this if people are interested


Lido rules are usually based around par (3, 4, 5, etc)
Do we want to add envorinment/region requirements to this as well?

Would definitely have to be hand drawn (no need for computer renderings)…doesn’t have to be in color


Yep that’s the view I’m envisioning! I think you’d have to rotate the green 90deg to get the postage stamp approach. It’s a short hole so I figure a narrow green should be hittable with a wedge, and with a view in the background just like that.

Plenty of beverages in the clubhouse too, haha.


I’ve been quiet on this thread but I legit daydream about routings and squared off teebox/greensites. I’d be down to get embarrassed by my creativity.


I’m a hack, so just know that it’s a really low bar to clear


Figured some may have seen this on the Armchair Architect thread, but figured this thread would appreciate this as well. Colton Craig walked the property with us and produced this beautiful rendering.

Is it real enough yet?!


No Red Barn, looks fake to me.


^^^^ This is correct. May be fake news until we get the colors right.


Actually saw it in the email before I saw it here haha




Wish there was a “love” button on this site


We have a BETA up and ready to playtest on TGC! (Loblolly BETA)
This was inspired by a sketch I did last week during the short work week…what do you think?