GCA - Anyone else like to draw golf courses? / Course Plans?

Never forget Tiger’s childhood course design. Or single hole in this case.

But he should totally build this just for fun, and also to give the GCA fans a heart attack.


needs more railroad ties…

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Great question.

For a guy like me who’s just scribbling on paper, it’s more about variety of hazard placement/green complexes/fairway routing/etc that varies the routing. Not so much the shape of the land I’m imagining.

It is totally possible to get WAY more in depth with land undulations and such with the drawings (see the Lido prize entries), but I don’t go that deep. No notes or records kept, I take more of the “Charlie Parker” approach :slight_smile:

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Thank god I’m not the only one.

In Wisconsin, there is a historical aerial imagery finder where you can find aerial shots from the late 1930s. I’m not sure where you live, but something I started doing recently is comparing courses current layout with its original layout.

I line up the pictures of old with the google maps aerial, and then see how things have changed. Its interesting viewing courses like Lawsonia (no change) versus Tuscumbia (lots of change).

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Chicago here, but a frequent boarder-jumper to stock up on what “we” both know as Spotted Cow.
Would love to see a course like Mascoutin

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Gotta be careful admitting that stuff online for New Glarus to see haha.

I haven’t played Mascoutin yet but I live next to Naga-Waukee Golf Course (also a Larry Packard design). Played it a 100 times, always enjoyable.

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Today’s design, still feeling the pot bunker/links-y vibe

Par 72 with a 6 and 9 hole loop available. That’s an underground bridge going from 13 to 14.
My favorite hole might actually be 17, with the option to play towards the left or the right side being dictated by the pin position. The 5th green is inspired by the 4th green at Spyglass, but in punchbowl form (and at less of an angle)

11 could also potentially be a real head scratcher depending on wind. The par 5 gives players options to play across the burn, or lay up short and left (bringing the back left bunker into play). Only thing in retrospect is that I don’t see anyone playing right of the green…



Number 10 at the Notre Dame Warren course is similar to 11, and it works pretty well. That has about 70 yards of fairway to the right of the green. making it a more attractive bail out option.


There’s forest behind and all along the right that’s effectively OB.

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Maybe that’s where I went wrong, I threw bunkers in the “bail out” area…

Looks great. May I ask what kind of pen you use? Those lines look so good.

Love the par 3s that are right next to each other but come at very different points in the round. Sort of like Augusta’s 6th and 16th where it would be a really good spectator spot.

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These are sick. I do this all the time at work, but they don’t look that good. I really like how neat and smooth everything is. My biggest problem is keeping everything to scale. The holes always seem to start out small and get bigger and bigger and I always run out of room by hole 15.


The holes always seem to start out small and get bigger and bigger and I always run out of room by hole 15.

Who says they need to be 18?? :smirk:


#WidthAndAngles and centerline bunkers for dayssssssss

I’m getting a wicked Royal Melbourne vibe, and I love the par 5 12th (also is that a putting green/first tee transition? Love it)


We’re a papermate and uni-ball customer here in the office haha
The coffee has worn off substantially, so I was far less shaky (thus cleaner lines)
I’m also a big fan of putting another sheet of paper underneath the one I’m drawing on, it “softens” up the surface and makes it easier to draw (personal preference)

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Love some of the green to tee transitions. Lot’s of “how much can I bite off” decision making going on. Also, that reverse redan #2 is great.

Though I like paper and pen… I’m wondering if there’s a really good drawing app for drawing holes for the iPad. Anyone know of any? I’ve heard that Linea is good, but that might just be for more regular drawing stuff. Any good iOS apps for drawing golf courses?

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Would much rather have 15 holes worth drawing than 18 holes where 3 of them are squeezed in.

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The first golden age course I ever played was Fox Chapel in Pittsburgh, and there the 18th green transitions into the putting green. I thought that was such a quirky detail that I wanted to do something similar. Good eye!

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You’ve got me thinking now, I’ve never thought to draw one on my iPad but it makes sense. The only app I have ever used for sketching on my iPad pro was Adobe’s Procreate because of the massive customization for tips. I’m sure it would be fairly easy to get a toolbox of standard tips setup to sketch in and then could use straight edges and stuff off the glass if you want.

My only complaint is the palm rejection isn’t as good as i’d like sometimes but that’s not a big deal whenever everything can be erased. I’ll have to dig around for some other options too

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Westmoreland here in Chicago does that as well, only the practice green transitions into the 1st tee on one side and the 10th tee on the other! Big fan :slight_smile: