Garage Hitting Setup (AKA I hate winter!)

Does anyone have any recommendations for at-home hitting setups?

I’ve been looking at Country Club Elite and Fiberbuilt mats, both are actually available at Costco for $269-449.


The NetReturn seems like the gold standard; I have a buddy that made his own out of PVC pipe, which I might give a try.

With the new house, it only has 8’ basement ceilings, so I’m relegated to the garage. Three-car was a must!

@3wiggle I believe your services are required

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TrueStrike mats. Archery netting.

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I have the FB mat, bought it on black friday/cyber monday off Costco. They had it down to $200 or something. Someone on a golf simulator forum got a heads up from either FB or Costco ahead of time that the sale was coming. Might be worth calling either to check if a similar deal is offered this year.

Really like the mat, comfortable to hit a lot of balls off of. Shifts just ever so slightly if I’m swinging hard, but is on smooth concrete in my garage. Breaks down for storage real easy.

Anecdotally, I feel like I saw a lot of injury concerns with the CCE mat, when researching on

For the net I have the Spornia SPG-7 net with the roof. Happy with this as well, its starting to lean just a touch bit doesn’t impact playability. The elevated floor is great as it catches and returns balls, and it’s all self-contained. All I have to do is pop open the net, slide a couple of poles in and I’m done. Don’t have to roll out a carpet etc. Setup/take down is super quick. I’m not using a projector, but they do make a white screen for it.

After a winter of use, I can say I would still buy both again. Though the caveat is I’m working with a dual use 2-car garage, so these selections were based on ease of setup/takedown. If I was going with a more permanent setup and/or running a simulator I might make different choices, but these work perfect for my situation.

Next investment for me is a better swing measuring device.

This is what my setup looks like, minus the open door.


Here’s my setup, everything fits into the garage in the winter pretty easily and I can hit up to hybrid without getting worried about hitting anything.


Thank you! I had done a quick search on my phone but didn’t find anything.

I remember that deal! I am hoping they do it again. It has turned winter here, but I could probably wait a few weeks to save $70. I might reach out to them to see.

I’m debating between a pop-up net like yours and a NetReturn…

That is a sweet setup!

Right now, I’m leaning towards the Fiberbuilt mat + NetReturn (or making my own if I don’t want to drop $500). I need to figure out which configuration is best in my three-car garage now.

My winter hitting area looks a bit like this:

I kid, a little, but my point is this: consider finding a local indoor facility. We’ve been around for nine years and people are STILL unaware that we exist. Which is fine, simply because we’ve sold out of memberships every year since the third year, and there isn’t space for them to join anyway… but whether it’s a steel building, an old office building, an old bar, etc. people are putting indoor places all over the place. Many have simulators (we used to), many have putting greens, many have good mats already…

Nothing beats the convenience of just going into your garage. I get that, too. But often, I think people who just have it in their garage don’t actually make the most of their time, either. They just hit balls for 10 minutes, not really thinking about much, and then go back inside.


I’m actively searching in Omaha to no avail yet. I had a great setup in KC that only cost $99 for the entire winter. It was only 5 minutes from my office, I went there 3-4 times per week over lunch.

Are you talking about the Overland Park/Lady Sykes indoor facility?

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thank you for your service

Yep! I wore that place out.

Gotcha. It’s just far enough away for me to question joining. The sim was a bit skeptical as well, but loved the variety of hitting bays and size of the place.

Yeah, the sim was useless, but they did allow me to jump on their Flightscope when they weren’t teaching.

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I’m thinking of getting the fiberbuilt mat for my garage and finding my own platform to raise my feet. I’ve got a few cheap ideas. I’m also planning on not using real balls. I have the best foam balls out there (callaway). I just want to be able to swing driver and long irons once a week. Other than that I hit short irons in my basement. Anything longer than a 9 iron WILL hit my ceiling, I have the marks to prove it.

I think the netreturn is just a stupid amount of money for what it is. It’s also something that isn’t going to work on its own, and you’ll have to add a mat or carpet to keep balls from bouncing all over.

Dammit, I didn’t bring a change of pants to work, thanks a lot…But in all seriousness this place blows a lot out of the water. I go to The Golf Room here in Dublin, OH but it’s pretty standard with 5 or 6 hitting bays with projectors and trackman and a putting green in the middle. Your place looks like one I could spend all day in. Amazing.

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Happy with my Rukket as it just fits in the garage and is pretty easy to slide out of the way or disassemble as needed. I got the little mat with 3 levels of cut, which does slide around a bit but is fine for how I use it. If I were to do the mat again I’d get just a heavier one with only the normal length turf.

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I jumped down this rabbit hole with two feet last winter, and we’ll just say it was quite the learning experience. My goal was to incrementally build the cheapest possible garage hitting bay that was functional enough for me to enjoy spending 30-60 minutes in a 45 degree garage working on my swing. My discoveries:

  • Mats: I first tried the cheapish, multi-grass length mat from PGATSS. I don’t even remember how much it cost (25-50?), but I do remember returning it immediately. I ended up with a 4’x5’ hitting mat I got off Amazon for about $175 that has been great. You can also use normal tees with the mat, though it won’t work with longer tees. It works great with shorties and ok with what used to be standard length tees.
  • ”Net”: My first attempt at this was to use a couple canvas drop cloths, clamp them together, and tie them to my garage ceiling with rope. Total cost: $40. I hit a few shots into them hanging loosely, and it seemed fine. Then i got them strung up nice and taut and took a full swing. The ball went straight through and bounced around my garage for a good 10-15 second. Somehow it didn’t hit me or my car. I then tried some cheap anti-bird netting, and that didn’t work either. Finally I bought a legit 10’x10’ “high impact net” off Amazon for $60. That has proven more than durable enough.
  • Frame: I got some PVC pipe from Home Depot and use that to form a base. I drilled in some eye hooks and clip the bottom corners of the net to the hooks. It ends up having just enough tension to catch the balls and send them rolling back to me.
  • Storage: The plan was always to hang it from the ceiling and just raise it up to the ceiling when not in use. I wanted to rig up a nifty pulley system where I could just pull a rope and it retracts up there, but it turned out that I can pull it down/put it up in about 90 seconds just using some stretch cords and eyehooks that are screwed into the ceiling, so I abandoned the pulley system.
  • Effort: It took way too much trial and error, and nearly the same amount of money as ready-made sets, to construct this Frankenstein contraption. Were I to do it again, I’d just buy the mat, and one of the recommended netting systems already in this thread and be done with setup and construction in an hour.
  • Errata: I got a little bucket of refurbed pro-v1s (25 for about $50) off amazon. They’re great. I hit for a couple months with no launch monitor or anything, and then when I went to the range everything was starting left and drawing further left. So even though it is costly, I recommend trying to get a launch monitor. I got a refurbed SkyTrak for $1600. They’ve got 12 month financing plans where you can pay it off each month to make it more palatable. Getting that made a huge difference in my enjoyment of the setup. Works with iPad or any Mac or windows laptop. Some minor setup annoyances, and it completely misses about 20% of my shots, but its a worthwhile trade off compared to anything else that visualizes your full shot path.

Here’s a picture of my finished setup:

Here are links to the hitting mat and net:
Just For Nets Golf High Impact Net
All Turf Mats 4’x5’


I strongly recommend this type of netting:

Spend the money once, now, and you won’t regret it. And leave it loose - taut netting wears faster.