Garage & Basement Workshops


Hey all, we are moving this week and will have an extra space in our garage (I’ll park in the driveway) and I’m thinking about putting a workshop/man-cave in my share of the garage. Any must-haves, ideas or things you’ve learned in your corner of the basement/garage? Thanks!


If you like to regrip your clubs, I suggest a table-mounted vice.


This may be obvious for a “workshop”, but changing the grips on your clubs is very easy to do and not much investment in equipment (<$100). No one should be paying a fee to get that done anymore.

As for mancave stuff, if you want/need any artwork, Lie + Loft has some awesome stuff. I bought several for my home office and love it.


Definitely a fridge to keep you hydrated.


Birdie Ball putting green is a cheap investment and way worth it. It performs best with a concrete base.


Growing up we had a driving range mat and my dad hung a net from the garage ceiling. It was awesome. Not great for seeing ball flight obviously, but great for grooving swing changes. Be sure you hang a heavy piece of carpet or something behind the net at impact area though so as to deaden the ball/save the net/save your walls.


Depends how much stuff you want to do. As mentioned regripping is low cost easy investment and don’t have to worry about anyone doing a hack job or not getting the old tape off. I was also fed up with local places messing a few reshafts up so when moved I have most everything outside of a Lie & loft machine cause they are ~$1,000 for a Mitchell. Place down the street is cheap for adjustments since I use their range & simulators quite a bit.

Harbor Freight is your friend. I got a most of my stuff there and the rest from Golfworks and little bit of Amazon and random places.


  • Bench grinder
  • Bench buffer
  • Bench belt sander (I thought I’d use it for shaft tip prep but easier to just do that by hand and leave the ferrule scotch brite style belt in there)
  • 4" Vice with shaft clamp
  • Shaft extractor- This became super important if doing anything graphite. I got the ~$200 golfworks one and now can swap tips and all that stuff in just a few minutes and don’t have to worry about damaging a shaft.
  • Cheapy swingweight scale. The ~$50 on golfworks is fine unless you’re looking to do volume
  • Drill bit wire tips (clean out ends of shafts and hozels
  • Graphite shaft hacksaw blade. You can get ones for chop saws and the like but I’m doing clubs mainly for myself being an equipment tinkerer and only takes a few minutes.
  • (Added) Club measuring device. You can get close with a ruler but if you want to be precise getting a specific club mesurer is key.
  • (added) Adaptor saver kit. Seems like OEMs make a new style shaft tip for drivers every year now. I have a bin of relics now cause they keep changing them.

Club Building Stuff

  • Grip stuff (tape, solvent, actual grips, don’t get ripped on ebay with fake grips, find a longtime verified seller but definitely still the cheapest for large quantities of grips)
  • Grip tape removal tool, seems gimmick but I can get shaft tape off with one in a few swipes.
  • Various grits of sandpaper for shaft cleanup/prep
  • Ferrules ( had a good complete irons/woods set for 60ish iirc)
  • Swingweight kits, tungsten powder, corks, ram rod. When I first started I did not have swingweight stuff and that proved to be a mistake, all that stuff is cheap.
  • Carbide groove cutting tool, cuts through forged irons like butter.
  • Hook style razor blades, epoxy, acetone, can’t think of any other consumables currently.

I’ve had the setup for a few years now and can do everything outside of loft/lie adjustment as mentioned. Probably not as efficient as a full blown shop but gets the job done and proved to be a lot of fun. Bought some old sets of junked up/rusted Mizuno’s to practice and both sets turned out really nice.

All in I think I was under $1k with building a workbench and some other bits for the room.

Here’s an early pic pre decoration and a few items listed.

Pic of shop

I now take on random requests of friends or regrip sets for them for rounds of golf and/or beer. :+1:


Jealous of that setup.


This is perfect, thanks for taking so much time on this. I’ll keep you guys updated as I get it put together…