Game Changing Clubs/Equip You've Implemented into Your Bag


@Waldorf98 @timshel

It costs currently around £100 in the uk, no monthly fees, no setup costs.

Sometimes it doesn’t get the pin positions accurate because it simply doesn’t know where they are, but that can be corrected.

Tbh I use it to count putts more than accuracy to the pin.

In terms of missing shots, it will only miss shots if you forget to tap the gps unit with the butt end of your club (where you will have screwed in an nfc club tag).

If you do forget to tap, just walk back and tap it, or if you’re on the next tee you can hit up the app and add the shot, sounds like hassle but it really isn’t.

GPS accuracy is fine, I’ve had no trouble with it whatsoever.

Auto upload at the end of the round and the stats come rolling in.

The website and app is really good, very clear and intuitive. There isn’t stat overload.

There is a newer version out I believe that doesn’t require a FPS unit on your belt buckle (which is the version I have), probably means you don’t have to tap.

I can’t recommend this enough, it certainly gives me an additional level of feedback.


This isn’t an equipment change but ever since Game Golf and Arccos were released I was interested in getting it. I could never quite pull the trigger so I actually made my own excel sheet to calculate strokes gained on the course. I got the inspiration from a GolfWRX thread so don’t want to make it sound like I came up with this idea.

But I learned more about my golf game from tracking a couple rounds and calculating some basic metrics than I did doing almost anything else.

It does take some work on the course to capture the necessary data and a few minutes after the round to input it but it is a free alternative to Game Golf/Arccos.


This is pretty impressive for the data output. I bought an Arccos Gen1 used and have used it for several rounds. I’m not disappointed but I’m not overly impressed either.