Game Changing Clubs/Equip You've Implemented into Your Bag


When I put a set of Mizuno muscle-backs in the bag about 4 years ago, it transformed practice. it made me get extremely excited for range sessions. The feeling of a well compressed mid-iron…

But for 2017, I replaced my various artist wedge setup with 3 S-18 wedges from Mizuno. I don’t know about transforming scores, but toward the end of the year they were really starting to save some strokes. I really felt the benefit of having all three wedges the same make/model/feel, just different lofts. Went with 52,56, and 60.


Srixon 765 irons are way underrated. Great irons.


Sounds like 3-5 years is the rough timeline where the technology stops being new/beneficial, accurate? My driver is coming up on 4 years this spring so I’m thinking I may be quickly approaching a point where I can get better results from newer technology.


I know the hype on Epic is huge but the technology produces the fastest ball speed and I haven’t seen anything close.


19* Adams hybrid from 2013ish. Feel silly now to think about how resistant I was to replacing long irons. 3 & 4 have been replaced by T-MB and 712U, but nothing changed my game as fast as that hybrid.


Same experience. Notorious for not changing equipment and had an old set of Mizuno MX-18’s that were about a decade old.

Swapped last year for the JPX 900s and completely changed my gamed. Improved ball striking and took my weakness (mid-irons) and turned it into my strength and dropped my cap by like 4-5 shots.


I can definitely confirm the awesomeness of the Epic 3 Wood. My old 3 wood was in the dog house for over a year and when I switched to the Epic it became one of my favorite clubs. Best 3 wood I have ever owned.


Just got my Taylormade P790s! Stiff Project X shafts and medium grips. UGH perfect clubs. I’m hitting the ball so far and straight on the range that I’m scared to take it to the course! Set to play in a week, I hope it goes well, I’m certainly going to club down.


I’ve changed my irons, driver and fairway woods/hybrids over the last couple years but still have about 4 year old Vokey wedges in my bag…54 and 58 degree. Love the. Also have about 15 yr old Scotty Cameron that is money.


Cure putters, not the best looking but breaking 30 putts a round more often now.


I started tracking my shots using gamegolf. I now know my all my misses, average distances on every hole at my course and have adapted my game and worked on things to improve, this will be the second season using it.


Just moved to 718 AP1s in graphite. Have to get used to hitting each club in my set 15 yards further on flush contact. But letting myself get talked into this Wilson Infinite Bean (WTF?) putter is drastically cutting down on three-putts.


Been playing them virtually since they came out, but the TaylorMade TP5x balls are ridiculously good. Stupid long and seemingly knifes through any wind. I’m only 5’4" 130 lbs but I’m hitting the ball further off the tee in the past year than I ever have.


I have all cobra everything and it’s going to be hard for me to ever switch


Ping G400 19 degree… Ball is like a bullet off the face - unreal ball speed.

I’ve had hybrids in the bag in the past and took them out in favor of long irons the last couple of years because of the strong hook factor w/ hybrids. I was nervous putting one back in.

Definitely get fit - the proper shaft in the hybrid has made it a much straighter go-to club… Especially in 200-220 yardage


Using this stretch band (red 5-35lbs) during warm-up has been really effective.

Also changing to the Winn DriTac midsize grips last year quieted my hands a bit.


Without a shadow of a doubt its Game Golf. A great way to understand your game and how you play on course and on the day.

Take this as an example of a recent round -

The Website also provides insights on strokes gained across your game and suggests where you need to improve to get the most gain.

BTW I am not employed by Game Golf or affiliated with them in any way, i’m just a guy into his data, but not compasses, that’s a step too far! Edited - Just realised i already replied to this thread with the same bloody answer, never mind, this one is better, with screen shots;)


Wow, I knew game golf collected data, but I had no idea it was in this amount of detail. How much does it cost a guy to get stats like this? Any monthly fees or anything?


Also interested in further thoughts about Game Golf. I’ve always wanted to pull the trigger on a system like this but have always heard enough negative reviews re: false shots/accuracy/etc. to keep me away.