Game Changing Clubs/Equip You've Implemented into Your Bag


Every year golf manufacturers say the same thing “more distance, more forgiving”. But I want to know if there is anything you’ve put in the bag in the past 1-5 years that you have no means of replacing. For me its my Titleist 714 AP2’s. After years of playing my dads Walter Hagen Apex, i finally got a new set. And it brought me down from a 10 handicap to a 4 in as little as 3 months.

SO what equipment changed your game?


Went Callaway through the bag last year except for a couple of wedges (swapping them this year) and my Scotty (not swapping anytime soon).

Went with the Epic Driver and 3 wood…2 Big Bertha Hybrids, and Steelhead Irons. It definitely added distance on all of my shots.


My bag is quite the mixed breed, but Cobra products have definitely made an impression on me. I got an F6 3/4h as a gift last year after never having hit one. It has turned out to be the most affirmative feeling club i have ever hit. As a result, I picked up a F7 3w over the holidays and have enjoyed gaming it so far. Seems like Cobra lets their clubs market themselves.

tl;dr - Cobra is really growing on me as a brand.


The Titleist 712U utility iron:

Took a hybrid out of the bag for it. It’s my go to fairway finder off the tee. Much lower dispersion than with my hybrid with solid distance and usually has a more penetrating traj that lets it roll forever. Biggest downside is becoming dependent on it almost exclusively on bad driving days and not facing my fears enough with the big stick.


Cobra has the best looking fairway metals in golf right now, in my opinion, so the clubs sell themselves!


I replaced my 3 hybrid with a Titliest 714 AP2 3 iron a few years back, and for me its the best fairway finder too. Wish I had your problem of not using the big stick! Could be saving balls by hitting the 3 iron


Wonder if the c-suite will come into this thread and delete non-Callaway responses…kidding of course.

Game changer for me was getting properly fitted into the correct iron shafts on my steelhead xr pro irons. Also upgrading to a putter with more recent #technology has really helpd with mishits.


I’ve never been a gearhead and I’m still far from one. I didn’t test any new equipment, and have never compared Callaway to Titleist or TaylorMade or anything like that. So I can’t definitively say that Callaway stuff is the best. But I can advocate that the stuff is the best that I’ve ever played by an incredible long shot.

The Epic still doesn’t seem real to me. I didn’t know how much I was missing out on by playing a driver that was 5-6 years old. The fact that I could adjust it based on conditions, lowering the loft for links courses and raising it for parkland courses is an underrated benefit. I’ve only played one round with the Rogue, but somehow it really did feel noticeably different than the Epic. I was hardly enthused about its release because of how much I love my Epic, but it took one strike for me to commit to it as my gamer. Before we even shoved a camera in his face and asked him to repeat it, Branden Grace was telling us all about how he picked up 4 MPH ball speed immediately when he switched to the Rogue from the Epic. What Callaway has done on the driver front has been remarkable, both from a marketing and a performance standpoint.

The Epic three wood is similar. Easily the best three wood I’ve ever hit. And they say the Rogue one is even better (Jailbreak!). Haven’t tried it yet, but I’m especially excited to.

The Apex Pro irons I put in the bag in January transformed my iron play, most notably with the 3-5 irons. They’ve got some sort of tungsten sole that helps me launch long irons at a height I’ve never been able to reach previously.

The wedges, I’m still looking for a good match. It’s definitely a me problem, and I’ve determined I’m just WAY too steep on them and need to shallow out my path. My wedge play took an enormous step back in '17 and in no way can I blame the equipment, but it’s what held me back from actually improving my scores despite almost all parts of my game improving.

I was playing an Odyssey putter prior to switching to the O-Works, but it was also outdated. I had a horrible tendency to open the face and miss putts comically far right. That seems to be gone with the microhinge insert, and a more appealing alignment system.

So to answer the question, almost every change I made in '17 (first change in at least 5 years) was remarkably for the better. Hoping '18 it translates into actually shooting lower scores.


Did you get fitted for all the Callaway gear or just kinda shoot from the hip off the rack?


I second the driving iron call. I’ve been thru a couple but it has significantly lowered my score b/c whenever I’m feeling uncomfortable on the tee I got to that and it has been a fairway finder for me.


Got fitted for the irons, but I was as standard as standard could be. So got sent the irons essentially stock.

For the driver, I played the regular Epic for a bit, but the trajectory was WAY off on it. The ball was ballooning on me and I couldn’t keep it out of the wind. I switched to the Sub Zero, but could not stop hitting the worst imaginable hooks with it. I’m talking like, 75 yard drives. I put the Sub Zero head on the shaft I had on the Epic driver, and it was a match made it heaven. Low bullet drives and a completely transformed confidence. It turns out I like a light shaft way more than a heavy one. So while there wasn’t any fitting there, there was some tinkering before it all clicked in about April of last year.


Curious as what your old driver was before the Epic. I’m currently playing a Titleist 913 D3, which is at least 5 years old now. Definitely need some convincing to switch drivers because I just got a new fujikura speeder 757 shaft in my driver and it’s a game changer for me. Can swing as hard as i want and i know the ball won’t balloon up on me.


I think it was a Titleist 909 D2? I honestly don’t completely remember. I even bought it used at the time, so it was outdated even when I bought it. At the time I certainly didn’t respect the technology developments nearly as much as I do now.



Got fitted for a driver last year and it was the Epic. Was getting a legitimate 15 more yards of carry over anything else I tried. I literally have the documentation to prove it.

As far as the OP is concerned, I have an old Ping isi 2 iron that will never leave my bag. It comes out when the snaphook starts to infect my driver.


Mines gotta be my Scotty Cameron California Del Mar. Before i got it, i used a putter i found at a thrift shop. I think the only reason its “game changing” is because it gave me a fresh look and confidence when behind the ball.


The Rogue 3W is game changing. I was lucky enough to get one in the bag about 6 weeks ago.

I’ve only had it outside for 54 holes (boo northern winter!), but between that and what I’m seeing on the launch monitors since it’s going to make it a whole lot easier to avoid laying up.


Two clubs-
My PM grind 58 degree. I can do pretty much anything with it and it’s fairly automatic from the sand.

My cally XR Pro 3wood 16 degree. I was always the guy that had to have a 13 degree 3 wood to get it anywhere close to a normal ball flight. This XR Pro I can hit high low cut draw, off the tee off the deck and it just works. If I gotta hit a fairway I don’t even think about another club.


Ping G30 LS Tech somehow turned me into a credible driver of the ball. I don’t know if it was shaft, or some thing else that clicked at that time, but it made a difference for sure.


I have the epic 3 wood and love it. Been wanting to get the driver but stuck with G30 last year. Then i read this post yesterday and ran out bought an Epic!


I bought an Epic without getting fit, or even hitting it, two days after it was released last year. Completely changed how I played. Consistently much longer and straighter than what I had previously. 2017 was by far the best golf I’ve played in over 10 years. Fast forward to 3 weeks ago and I went through a driver and iron fitting. Tried different driver/shaft combos and what I was currently playing couldn’t be topped. Bought an Epic 3 wood and compared it to my current gamer and the Epic blew it out of the water, as well.

I’m going to be purchasing new irons this year and was fit into one of two different OEM heads, Titleist 718 AP2 and Callaway Apex Pro. The numbers are quite similar but just not ready to pull the trigger.