Gambling on Golf


It’s not a stretch to say the legalized gambling is the biggest value add in televised golf history. I was chewing on the implications and the future of how this will unfold on my commute this morning. In my opinion, gamling on golf is going to be BEAUTIFUL. Imagine the round by round, even shot-by-shot possiblities in a sports that is drenched with percentages and data. A sampling:
Obvious player over/unders for 18, 72.
Props on hit fairways, greens, putts.
Realtime props: (Will Jason Dufner make this 4 foot putt? Yes -185, No +220)

Can you imagine the bad-beat stories? I cannot wait. What do y’all think…Chime in.


Jordan’s snowman on 18 would have been a devastating beat if you had him under par (let’s say) for Sunday


I mean, you think fans are unruly now? Imagine Sergio over a 5-footer on 18 for a score of 70 when the o/u is 70.5…
Another one: Jason Day’s made over 99% of his putts this year from inside 5 feet. Would you jump on 150/1 odds on every single 5 footer he looks at?


I don’t care much about it either way. One thing I don’t enjoy about sports media in general is when page and podcast space is spent doing picks and betting analysis. Personally, I find it to be excruciatingly dull content.


Don’t understand the need to gamble on anything…

You can’t just watch the golf for pure entertainment? You have to gamble to make it enjoyable?

Nobody cares how much you won or loss because player A missed a putt.


So many more people who do not watch week to week will get involved. Silly season tournaments turn into big opportunities for risk takers.

Not a gambler myself, but see huge upside to this idea - especially in such a data driven sport.


The person who makes money off the made putt will probably care quite a lot… :joy: I see what you are saying but to say that a person who will gamble on golf can’t enjoy it otherwise is not a fair statement. It will just make it more interesting for some and may even bring more people into the sport, as @sundaybag is saying. As to whether or not these are people we want as fans of the game, only time will tell… I can see both sides of the argument.


I don’t think we’d get along.


I’m really not much of a gambler myself so this news doesn’t really affect me either way. I can certainly see it as a positive for the sports leagues themselves, even though some may fight it initially. Once the leagues realize how much money they can make on it, they’ll change their tune. I’ll be interested to see which league gets involved first.

One thing I’m not looking forward to is all the betting analysis talk. Listening to people talk about their gambling picks is like hearing someone tell you about their fantasy team or their workout regimen. Do whatever you want with your money, but please don’t regale me with your backdoor covers or bad beats


That is exactly what i am afraid of…

All the talk is gonna be about somebody winning or losing money, instead of the action on the course itself.