Galway, Ireland Golf

Traveling to Galway for 5days in late April -> May 2020 (4 golfers). We plan to splurge one day on a lahinch/ballybunion, but aren’t looking to travel too far as we’d like to enjoy the Galway nightlife and local scene. Curious if anyone has played some of the courses within range:

Connemara vs. Galway Bay
Enniscrone vs. Country Sligo vs. Doonbeg
lahinch vs ballybunion
K club?

also all food/pub recommendations welcome!

I’ve played both Connemara and Galway Bay. Definitely make the trek out to Connemara. Play the A & B nines. Don’t bother with C. Here’s a pic I snapped while there

Played Enniscrone and County Sligo as well. They’re very different (watch last weeks TS and this Tuesday’s to see), but both are super cool. Didn’t play Doonbeg.

Do you have to decide between these two? If you can, play both. I’ve only played Lahinch out of the two, it killed me to have to miss out on Ballybunion.

We stayed in Galway 2 years ago well Sathill which is just outside , Galway is a fantastic place to go for a getaway can only remember a few pubs , Front Door Bar , Quays ,o’connells and O’connors in salt hill where they shot the Ed Sheeran video for Galway girl greta bar and some great bands .

Connemara was a good course bit out of the way tho , we were meant to play Galway GC and Galway Bay but the hurricane hit so pub it was .

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All of the above bars are great choices! Any more information needed on Galway I’d be happy to help!

I’d take Ballybunion over Lahinch, but cannot recommend either enough; either one will leave you with a smile. After Lahinch, go to the nineteenth bar, ask for Patty, tell him you want to learn everything about the greatest sport in the world; hurling. Pictures from each from my trip last June


Holy crap Those are amazing pictures. Are those with cellphone camera? Please say no.

They are. Unedited. Perfect light (ballybunion was 6:30 am)

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Could you give some pointers. I’m clearly not getting all I could be getting from cellphone camera.

Or else I need to go to better courses.

Probably better courses, my photos much improved.

Honestly, I got lucky; 99% of my cellphone photos are crap or salvageable with a lot of Lightroom magic. Only take photos during the golden hour, and use the rule of thirds and maybe you get lucky. I try to look at Hafe_life and Linksgems on Instagram and figure out what they did that makes their work so phenomenal. Those guys rock.

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Great course, golden hour

You can’t go wrong with either Ballybunion or Lahinch. Doonbeg is ok, but generally less enjoyable.
If you want to venture further north, try Carne, Enniscrone, and County Sligo. The first two have some of the most spectacular dunes you will ever see, but County Sligo was the one course that most exceeded expectations on our trip this past summer.

Was in galway in july. Great fun. I can’t recommend lahinch strongly enough. The town is fantastic and the golf course is wonderful.

If you’re looking to play inexpensively we happened on bearna golf club near galway and it was plenty fun with some interesting holes. It cost us about 30 euros with a buggy. We walked the other 6 rounds in ireland and the buggy was nice for the day

Conamara is a great track and would agree with @W1LDC4T that you should just play the A&B.
If you’re already gone out that far west, you should head to Clifden for a night or even just some grub. Almost everywhere has a great seafood and drink but would recommend “Darcy Twelve”. If you will be coming straight back from the golf though stop off in Donnelly’s of Bearna for some crab claws (they’re insane)

In terms of Galway GC v Galway Bay, the former is a renowned in Irish circles as a proper stern test. A lot of Provincial and National finals held there so it has pedigree while Galway Bay has some stunning views but also some gimmicky holes due to the fact it backs itself into some corners just by the way the routing is set out. That being said if you’re on a holiday, I’d pick Galway Bay for enjoyment as Galway itself can be a ballbuster.

Food and drink in the City is really whatever you’re in the mood for.
Going on the rip later: go to Handsome Burger on Dominick Street.
Having a tourist day: McDonaghs on Quay street for fish and chips
Something a bit more traditional Irish pub grub: Mcswiggans in Woodquay.

There’s any Gods amount of pubs but Tigh Neachtain, Tig Coili are great while Buskers, An Pucan and The Front Door are great when the night gets going. And don’t be put off by the Irish names just think of what it should sound like, deviate completely, give it a go and don’t hesitate because the locals will correct you with no offence taken.

Hope that helps!

Play them all if you can! The K Club is a bit of a trip from Galway though.

On the “match-ups” I would go for Galway Bay, Enniscrone, Lahinch (it’s closer to Galway than BallyB) and then there is the option of playing Galway GC (decent track) or Co Sligo or Strandhill or even Carne instead of The K Club.

If you need any help sorting rates let me know!