Future Tourist Sauce Seasons

I’m curious as to where NLU will go for future Tourist Sauce seasons. Does anyone know if they have discussed this at all since the Carolinas? Obviously it would have to be after the whole pandemic cools down, but I figured I’d start this conversation to see what cool ideas people have. Being from Seattle, I would love to see a Pacific Northwest season (i.e., Washington and Oregon). There are so many great courses in this region that don’t often get a lot of publicity given that the PGA tour never comes up here. It would be cool to see the NLU crew show them off.


I could see them doing Wisconsin, I think on one of the podcasts they mentioned that were close to doing a Michigan trip. I would be interested in them going to South America or somewhere not known as a big golf destination and doing something around that.


I think on the Strapped episode of the Trapdraw there was mention of Michigan, so I can see that. I think Texas would be cool. Overseas may not be possible for awhile but if they wanted an international version they could maybe swing Canada.

Michigan would be awesome. For all the shit Detroit gets, most of Michigan is extremely scenic and they have some great courses.

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Was that auction they just held that I believe Peoria, IL won for the next Strapped or just a future one?

Next one.

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@Tron was giving high praise to Canada on a recent pod, right?

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As a New England boy I would love to watch a Tourist Sauce (New England).

Another international trip would be good too. Maybe somewhere tropical.


@Soly rides pretty hard for English golf, so that wouldn’t surprise me for an international season down the road.

Would love a PNW Tourist Sauce (or Strapped)!!


I think it was said on a pod that England was supposed to be next but that’s probably on hold with the COVID

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That sounds correct, although I can’t remember the specific episode. Everything blends together these days!

I know this has been talked about elsewhere… probably in one of the previous TS threads…

In North America:
PNW (Washington/Oregon/Idaho)
SW (Vegas/Utah/Arizona)
I would assume you could put something together in western Canada (Vancouver/Banff) and eastern Canada (Ontario/Quebec)

Non-North America
England (one to two seasons possible)
Ireland (could definitely do one more season, maybe two)
Scotland (could definitely do two more seasons, maybe three)
Continental Europe (I’m assuming this becomes tougher as the courses become more spread out, but you could do something like Portugal/Spain/France, Lowlands countries, other country groupings)
South Africa
New Zealand (I know Soly did Kauri Cliffs/Cape Kidnappers/Tara Iti in S1, but there’s enough to do another season, especially after the other two courses open at Tara Iti)
Australia (could get another season by traveling away from Melbourne)

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Didn’t they go up to Cabot. I assume there will be a Nova Scotia TS…or are we talking stuff that has yet to b filmed?

They went up there for their annual meeting, they got a bit of footage from it (Crash Course and I think 1 other video) but I don’t think they stopped elsewhere to round anything out for tourist sauce

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For reference, Soly missed the second day of his one day Mid Am qualifier last year because of that trip. I don’t believe they drove over to Highland Links.

I’m not sure how much other high level golf there is in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and PEI, so to get a TS that includes Cabot, you may be looking for one that includes VT, NH, and/or ME. (That being said, I don’t see this one being done for a while due to the previous videos.)

I’d be curious how much say sponsors have in where they go (if any).

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(Downer voice) In a post COVID world…
I think the next edition will be domestic, or at least on the North American continent. Possibly a road trip. I can’t imagine too much of an appetite for international travel in the near future. We’re reconsidering our late 2020/2021 plans for sure.

Can the boys make the RTJ Golf Trail relevant to Millennials???


The courses I think to hit in NS would be Cabot, Highlands, maybe Links at Brunello near Halifax, and Fox Harb’r resort (Tiger holds the course record here). PEI has some really good golf courses, I think a lot are on the east side of the island, so they wouldn’t be too far from the ferry across there (not that it matters, can drive anywhere in PEI in 5 hours) not sure about NB, think there is some good stuff in the South part, but never been.

You could stay on that island of Cape Breton and do a damn good Tourist Sauce season. ( # = GD Tops in Canada listing). I’ve looked in to it- you pretty much have to rent a car anyway, and I’d make it a week trip.

#1 Cabot Cliffs
#7 Cabot Links
#13 Cape Breton Highlands Links
Bell Bay Golf Club
The Lakes at Ben Eoin Golf Club
Bell Bay
The Nest at Cabot

add a couple from Prince Edward Island and you’ve got a great season.

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