Future Tourist Sauce Ideas


I was thinking this too, if you include Walton Heath, you could argue that Surrey has the best collection of golf courses anywhere in Britain and Ireland.

But…and I say this as the owner of a few tweed jackets, I’m not sure the NLU boys would exactly enjoy Surrey, though I’d love to be there when they launch a drone at Sunningdale.


Its got to be the Nebraska Sandhills region. Great people. World class golf. And a very interesting mix of private/public/resort-style formats that #growthegame at different levels. Here’s the itinerary:

  1. Wild Horse GC in Gothenburg, NE (https://www.playwildhorse.com/). Top 100 public course. Top 5 in the Golf Digest “bang-for-your-buck” ratings, right behind Sweetens . Recently featured in Callaway’s Golf Lives series.

  2. Sand Hills. No explanation needed. Just an hour and a half down the road from Wild Horse.

  3. The Prairie Club in Valentine (https://theprairieclub.com/). Just another hour and a half from Sand Hills. Two tremendous 18’s in the Top 100 public course rankings plus an amazing 10-hole short course by Hanse and Shackelford.

  4. Stay in Valentine and talk to the folks who are building a small-town muni to bridge the gap between the high-end options and the local, small-town golf community. I know one of the principals in the project - who also happens to be the mayor and the owner of the local brewery. Only in Nebraska.

You could also squeeze in rounds at Dismal River and Awarri Dunes which are also pretty interesting courses.


I just played Awarii this summer for the first time. I had heard mixed reviews, but loved it. We only did the front, since we had limited time driving back to Omaha from gothenburg. But Awarii has some crazy greens. That place could be so much better if they had fescue fairways and not bent. Shot 39 on the normal tees with hickories in a 3 club wind though. That was fun.


Tourist Sauce Season 5 idea!

Sandbelt Australia/Tasmania/NZ, Eastern Scotland, California, (Ireland?)…

Western Canada! Zigzag road trip through BC and Alberta.

Start in Vancouver BC - Whistler - Kamloops - Vernon - Kelowna - Kimberly/Cranbrook - Invermere - Banff - Fly out of Calgary

Perfect for a summer golf road trip. Antithesis of Jax. Land completely unlike and a different country from the other 4 Tourist Sauces. Rarely talked about in the golf sphere. Orgasmic drone shots!

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Am I the only person who hasn’t heard of The Prairie Club before?
It seems like an AWESOME golf destination that is so overshadowed by Bandon/Sand Valley/Streamsong that it isn’t even a consideration when planning a buddies trip…


That sounds like a ridiculously beautiful itinerary- Banff alone or whistler alone could be sweet too


I’ve played Whistler GC and Nicklaus North. One of the only places you can be forgiven for topping the ball because you’re always yanking your head up to gaze at the view! Ridiculously pretty.

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Love me some Bolo


Season three could conclude with a visit to Buffalo Bill’s


It must!


That’s a month trip right there!


It is a great trip but in classic Nebraska fashion it is out in the middle of nowhere. We went three years ago and for a pure golf trip it was worth it, your stay includes unlimited golf every day and you rotate between courses because the members have a course to themselves every day.
Not sure if the golf purists shun the place because they allow carts but if you are reasonably close it is a good option.

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I would say it’s about a couple weeks, which is about how long seasons 1 and 2 were.


The Prairie Club is wicked. Should be top of the list for buddies trips. Only time I’ve ever seen the Milky Way Galaxy.


Its awesome out there. Good fishing on Merritt Reservoir too.


Depends how many courses you hit along the way. Which is the same with Scotland, they obviously didnt play them all.

However they played 36 a lot, which on a trip that is over 1000 km’s in this case, would prolong it quite a bit. You can’t set up a base, you would need 5 or 6.


Good call on the stars. Most mind-blowing view I have ever experienced. No light pollution within a couple-hundred miles!

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I do have a “trail” idea I will be presenting locally here soon. If you are interested, I would like to have an offline conversation about it. The more the merrier on the proposal, I say.

And, as of this weekend, rather topical. Can only become moreso in the future. Also easily accessible to add @thefriedegg to the trip.




It looks like the guys are playing Ojai Valley Inn today, which was designed by George Thomas.

Has anyone ever played here? Wife has a weekend work trip out here in September, and I’m wondering if I should tag along.


Never been out there but there are some super cool pictures of it from the 20s in Robert Hunter’s The Links. Bunkering is so so good