Future Tourist Sauce Ideas

Wisconsin was going to be my suggestion as well. Would be a bit “resorty” with Kohler area and Sand Valley, but still plenty of opportunity for the regular golfer to play a number of those courses, and I’m sure you could find some places like Lawsonia in between. Would be nice to see a tourist sauce that could be a bit more relatable/attainable to most of us.

Plus you can’t go wrong with beer, brats, manhattans, and super club dinners, while road-tripping across the heartland. Though it would certainly leave the BMW with a less than new car smell when you’re done.

My guess for season 4 is South Korea.

I’ve always been curious about Nebraska, and anyone who goes up to North Dakota for work says that the golf there is amazing. Could be more of a strapped series though.

I would not say that we’re looking to take down as many Top 100 courses in the world. Seasons 1 and 2 do feature a lot of those courses, but season 2 will also be much different than 1.

Australia, to me, has felt like a world away. It’s not a trip a lot of Americans make (at least not nearly to the same volume as trips to the UK), and it was really hard to visualize a lot of these places. We felt season 1 needed to be a pretty big splash. As badly as we wanna do Michigan (and will), it couldn’t be season 1. Courses that are visually appealing help draw people in, so that was a key. And basically, we just felt like the story hadn’t been told on Australia in video form in a cohesive way. So we took a big swing, first time doing anything remotely like this, and it came out pretty successful. A lot we would have done differently, but I don’t think that will ever change.

Season 2 was more last minute than you might think. The drought played heavily into it, and we thought it was a good opportunity to try to bring to life what makes links golf special. The story on Scotland has been told in a million different ways, but honestly, searching YouTube for strong course profiles on a lot of the places we visited was kinda depressing. Lame course vlogs, generic flyovers, etc. Playing golf in Scotland shifted my paradigm on golf, and we felt like there was a story there. Randy and Tron had never been, so we felt like there was a story there and a good combo of experiences to draw off of. And we also wanted to highlight just how well the Scots do golf, and how great their “secondary” courses are. This season is going to be very different than season 1.

5-6 seasons in, we hope people actually have a hard time pigeon holing what the series is. We expect each one to have a different vibe, with a different style of story to be told. Season 1 was a pretty inaccessible place. Season 2 is the opposite. Season 5 might be SUPER inaccessible, and with that, there’s a pretty big hurdle to climb for the viewers, which is “why would I care about these places?” Hopefully, it’s because there’s a cool story there and that you’ll be entertained watching it.

There’s for sure going to be US seasons, probably one per year. We had a US season planned for this summer that we had to cancel for multiple reasons. The US ones we actually picture being a lot more challenging, and will take a lot of preparation to make sure we really nail.



July 23, 2020

CLEMENTON, NJ - An amateur golfer was detained by the Pine Valley Volunteer Sheriff Department after he refused to land his drone aircraft after repeated requests from the namesake’s golf club. The man, who when asked his location of origin only responded with the phrase “Killhouse”, is described to have taken longer than desirable time on each golf hole of the Pine Valley Golf Club to shoot unauthorized footage of the inner-workings of the corporation.

“We welcome any guest of our members to come and enjoy our property and recreation,” said an unnamed official of the corporation, “[…] but when said guests’ activities border on suspected espionage, we feel inclined to take swift action.”

The suspect would refuse to identify himself, but associates seemed to be calling him by the name @Tron when speaking with the also volunteer Bailiff.

This story is developing.


Dang, they’ll be finished with The Buck Club already? Kidding…


Please be Himalayan Golf Club in Pokhara, Nepal. Only “11” Tom Doak has ever given.


Now you’re talking Soly. Hope you guys make this happen!

How bout showing our neighbors to the north, the mighty Canadians, some love?


I’m really looking forward to the finale of Season 8, the much anticipated crossover episode between Tourist Sauce and Strapped as Tron/Soly/DJ cross paths with unsuspecting Randy & Neil on the back nine of a West Texas dirt track course.


Tron/Soly/DJ are playing Lajitas Resort, while Randy/Neil play Maxwell Golf Course in Abilene.


Ireland, of course, but don’t forget about jolly old England - Soly already did some good pod work on the courses in the Northwest, and I just saw that Tommy Lad is hosting the British Masters at Hillside in May (seems British Masters and European PGA at Wentworth have swapped spots on the calendar for next year).


Would love to see something on Japan. Certainly not “great” courses like Melbourne or Scotland, but the courses in the Hakone area have an incredible setting adn vide.

Perhaps if it evolves from a “golf” to “golf and travel”, Japan would be awesome especially if both Schuster’s are there.


A golfing odyssey through the old ‘Iron Curtain’. Start on the Baltic Sea and golf your way down to the Black Sea. No idea of any great courses mind. Also you can only use public transport:grinning:


Randy would love it / hate it. Think of all the economic story lines in those countries.

Also Germany would be interesting, all the NLU boys have to pass the golfing licence test before they can tee it up.

I have a special place in my heart for the goat track that was Maxwell in 2014 & 2015. Is it any better now?

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No idea, I graduated from ACU in 2009 and lets just say it was playing fast and firm those four years.

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I echo the calls for Ireland. Scotland gets all the publicity due to hosting the UK British Open presented by Her Majesty. The landscape in Ireland is as dramatic, if not more so.

Series on resort courses in the states have their place, but they’re all known quantities for the most part. The average golf nerd can do the cost/benefit of streamsong vs. bandon vs. pinehurst pretty easily on their own.

I agree regarding our ability to do so on our own for the places you mention, but I must have missed something - I don’t recall them doing anything remotely like a cost/ben analysis for the various places in season 1?

I agree on the resort aspect. I actually think Pinehurst would be interesting as a Strapped location. Still able to get the Pinehurst vibes, but a trip more geared towards those that aren’t going to drop a $1k to play #2, #4, MP/PN