Future Tourist Sauce Ideas

With the HIGHLY anticipated Season 2 of Tourist Sauce, Scotland, about to drop, let’s throw some ideas out there for the NLU crew for Season 3…if it is not already in the works.

Firestone. Then Bellerive.


South Korea

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Sand Hills, Cabot Cliffs

Ireland :ireland:

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South Africa, garden route & don’t forget Humewood ,

Pacific Northwest




Northern Michigan

Seasons 3 and 4 are (mostly) set. One of the locations that has been mentioned here will be in Season 4. Season 3 has not been mentioned yet. Any more guesses?

Would love to keep the ideas flowing. For those suggesting ideas, straight resorts (Cabot, Pinehurst, etc.) are not really what we’re aiming for in Tourist Sauce. Not to say that these resort courses couldn’t be a part of a series, but it’s more about the adventure and time on the road than it is staying in one specific place.


France :fr:

You have unfinished business there @Soly.

Les Bordes
St Germain
Le Touquet
Le Golf National as the closer.

The people, the wine, the romance.
Has to happen.


So I’m guessing Season 4 must be Ireland.

As for Season 3, I’m guessing Monterey Bay area. They’ve gone big so far. No reason to slow down yet.

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Portugal/Spain would be a good trip. You could have one hell of an adventure trying to play all the narcos tour stops in central and south america. Doing the entire RTJ trail would be an interesting series too.


I think Monterrey would be considered a resort. Pebble, Spyglass, and Spanish Bay all under one company. MPCC and Cyprus are private, and Poppy Hills is open to the public but has some membership. Would make a hell of a trip, but I’m guessing not what they are going for.

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I agree that those are considered resort courses, and really only think they would do Pebble out of that bunch. I was thinking they would fit in some of the more private courses around the area, but maybe that goes against the goal of the series. The more I think about it, these might already be too popular for Tourist Sauce.

Monterrey, while great, is mostly old news. You could argue so is Scotland but I think NLU is going to present it a totally different way.

Long Island would be great but could present challenges and may not be the best fit either.

Need Ireland, it’s a must.

Best think I’ve heard mentioned so far is France.

Japan maybe.

A Middle East trip would be really cool. Not sure accessible those tracks are, and I doubt they’re great architecturally, but Tron and Soly gave the area rave reviews last year when they went to Abu Dhabi for the Euro event.

Island of Ireland, South Africa, Japan and Korea are all places that have a very real and very individual golf culture - perfect for Tourist Source.

I’m guessing Ireland is season 4 given the comment from Soly.

For other choices, Wisconsin is my dark horse. I like the RTJ trail as well.

Monterey would be good for an anti-Strapped series where @Soly and @Tron arrive via PJ, stay at some absurd mansion on 17 Mile Drive, and mingle with the elite. Basically this…


It kinda seems like NLU for now is looking to venture outside of the U.S., and take down as many “Top 100” courses in the world that they can in a single trip. Season 1 obviously took care of a handful in Australia/New Zealand. Season 2 will be the same for Scotland.

The two biggest regions remaining with plenty of premier courses are Ireland and/or Northern Ireland, and then China/Japan/S. Korea.

Make this a series. Soly & Tron play resort courses, stay in 5-star hotels, live lavishly. At the same time you guys are communicating with Neil and Randy, who are sleeping on an old lady’s pull-out, while filming Strapped in some fly-over state. $500 budget v. $5,000 budget.