Future of PGA Tour TV Rights


The majority of the golf viewing population watches half of the weekend coverage, can’t name anybody outside the top 10 in the world except Tiger, and plays golf MAYBE 10 times a year. If the Tour goes completely streaming they would be shooting themselves in the foot. The Tour demographic is older than any of the major sports (NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL) who aren’t likely to pick up streaming quickly, if at all. Exclusive streaming would be a bad idea but expanded streaming through PGA Tour Live would be a great place to start. As of now you can watch a simulcast of weekend afternoon coverage (I’m not sure if it’s exclusive to CBS broadcasts or not). The tour will remain on major networks because the networks don’t have to spend that much money to buy the rights compared to any of the major sports.


Am I the only one that still things CBS is the best? Not a fan of all the commercials- but they seem to have a much better balance of showing shots vs putts. All of their guys have more street cred to me. I think people forget (or aren’t old enough to remember) how good Faldo was—and it’s actually entertaining to me to see he’s kind of a buffoon after all those years appearing to be a cold calculating killer on the course. I feel like NBC loves to show way too many meaningless short putts. Also, I like Miller and hicks, but the corny on course guys never shut up even though they are adding nothing to the call. “Didn’t get a chance to see the lie” or “good shot if it’s the right distance” —why not just give us silence instead?