Future NLU Event Ideas (actually about tennis)

After listening to The Nest pod I had an idea! The brothers Schuster mentioned their tennis background so I think NLU needs to consider making a future NLU event a biathlon, combining golf and tennis. Sand Valley would be a great location considering their numerous grass courts and multiple courses. You could set it up as a two-man event with a doubles on the court and best ball on the course.
What say you @MerchCzar and @Tron ?


looks in closet at stack of old tournament rackets



In… i have dabbled in the tennis scene

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be careful, you’re posting this outside the nest

Was hoping this would be more of Billy Madison style Decathlon


I would fail spectacularly school was never a strength

don’t we still have that weird wonderlic test laying thread around here somewhere

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Tennis was by far my best sport. Played year round from age 10-18. Traveled a bit for tournaments.


ZB’s subsequent wood racket/persimmon tournamnet would also be enjoyable.


i really like where @carrforthecourse head is at. the grass courts at Sand Valley have always looked so cool and i like the idea of combining the golf and tennis in the two man team format.


Oh yeah? What are (were?) you gaming?

Neither was Billy Madison…what I am saying is, call the guy you bullied he might save your life.

What’s your tennis GHIM?


I wasn’t cool enough to bully… I was a captain of the tennis team…that should tell you how “cool” i was

I see what you did there. Its a bit low as I didn’t play this summer. somewhere between a 4.0-4.5 these days

Me and my trusty stable of Volkl Boris Becker 10s took down many a scrawny Texas high schooler back in the mid-2000s. I still have two, but haven’t played a match in at least a year. Might have to actually consider replacing them if we were gonna have a real tournament, but they got the job done for wiping the floor with my law school classmates haha.


Guise, do not…I repeat DO NOT…take @Taylorda up on his offer of a combined tennis/golf money match. Odds are you will be signing your home over to him by the end of the day.

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I played a Wilson Pro Staff Classic for most of high school but switched to an Estusa my senior year because Boris Becker was life. Now I have a Wilson nSix-One from 2007ish.

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Nice! Volkl always seemed too…chunky for me.

I used a Prince Tour Diablo 100. Still have one, have lost many to smashing incidents. They are kind of hard to find now since they only made it for 1-2 years.



that GHIM was spot on though, i play 4.0 mens league but if i put them time in, i could probably compete at 4.5…compete is key word (not win)