Fun ideas for prizes/games for Ryder Cup-style tournament with friends


As the title states, I’m organizing a Ryder Cup-style tournament this summer for a bunch of my friends. We’ll have 20 guys or so and will play 54 holes in two days. 2 man scrambles on Saturday morning, Stableford on Saturday afternoon, Singles on Sunday. You get the idea.

I was wondering if you guys had any fun ideas/prizes you’ve used in similar settings. I really liked the Turnover Chain idea from the Kingston Heath video the NLU guys just put out, given to the guy who most recently went OB.

I already have shotgun mulligans - you can take a mulligan once per 9 as long as you shotgun a beer immediately before the mulligan.

Any other ideas you’ve used in the past? The wilder the better. Can be something out on the course or some kind of trophy given out at the end of the tournament. Thanks in advance.


I’m looking for a picture of it, but in our group we give out a trophy of a golfer standing on a cork in a wine glass; where the corks came from is a long story. But we hand this trophy out every trip, not to the player who played the best, but to the player who was the champion golfer of stupidity, dumbassness or whatever you want to call it. Some examples: sharting in your white shorts and having to buy new ones in the clubhouse, going to the emergency room thinking you are having a heart attack only for it to be severe dehydration from non-stop drinking for days or being unable to find the key/combo to the course bathroom but having to shit so bad that you decide to cop kick the door in so you don’t shit yourself. The committee (myself) decides who the winner is and we have a trophy presentation recapping the events that led to that person “winning” the award.


We have a competition with 4 to 5 teams of 4. Winners get money, but the team that finishes last gets to take a team photo with our toilet bowl trophy that reads “Dead Fucking Last”.


I like this idea. Thanks!


We sometimes play Monkeys, Camels & Crocodiles which can be fun. Basically money accumulates into a pot every time sometime gets a monkey (hits a tree) a camel (goes in a bunker) or a crocodile (goes in the water). It obviously works best on a course that has plenty of all three! But the idea is that every time you hit a tree the pot grows and the last person to hit a tree has to pay out the accumulated amount. Last to go in a bunker pays camels etc. It can get really expensive if you bet $5/£5 a hit and when you get into the last few holes the tension starts to ramp up as no one wants to be last. You can also add in bogeys to the list. So money into the pot for every bogey.

Other than that we have a tutu and red wig that a player has to wear if they fail to drive past the ladies tee, which these days is admittedly a bit sexist (and redundant at my club as most of the ladies drive it farther than the men!), but it’s still fun. Nothing beats still making par in a tutu.