FSU Golf - Berger & Koepka


For all the talk this weekend about Koepka and DJ being “best friends” a la Spieth and Thomas, I didn’t hear any joint discussion about Koepka and Berger, who were teammates at FSU when Koepka was a senior and Berger a freshman. I’ve heard rumblings in the past that they’re not big fans of other. Anyone know anything about what the deal is?


I don’t know anything about a beef between the two, but that is probably because both of them bore the shit out of me.

Sure, Koepka is handsome, but dudes don’t do it for me. And, Berger? I forget that he is even on the Tour until his name hits a leaderboard.


I heard a story a few years back that Berger did something at a tournament that purposely prevented the team from moving forward in NCAA’s and Brooks punched him in the face at the airport. That could be completely fabricated but I thought it was entertaining at least.


The story about the airport is 100% true. They are cordial now but that story is true.


They were partners at the Presidents Cup last year so I would assume any beef between them has been squashed.


i think its something along the same lines as a lot of these pros that went to the same university and played on the same team for whether it be one tournament or 4 NCAA seasons. P Reed, Bubba, etc. all kind of have twisted relationships with their alma mater and old teammates. The media, their agents and the tour want us to believe that these guys are all american heroes- but they can be dicks just like all of us can. Especially when your young, dumb and dominant at your talent.

Plus all these guys go from being the Alpha at their high school and jr golf to being on a college team with guys like them, guys they have been going head to head with in jr matches— and now their supposed to be buddy buddy teammates? Shit happens. People get punched in the face sometimes by their own teammate.

I heard that Kyle Stanley was a total recluse at Clemson. Not a fun person. Very serious about his golf and practice. Never went to any football games or much of the college experience.


In a way that’s perfectly understandable for Kyle and the situation he had. Going from Washington to upstate South Carolina is one of the most drastic moves you can make in this country, between both the distance away and the difference in culture.


And I’ve seen him on interviews saying he never went to a single football game. How is that even possible?!?! But then again, watching his interviews, it makes sense. Whenever they show him on tv I tell my wife and kids and whoever will listen that he is the most boring golfer alive.


I’ve heard a ton of stuff about Berger and BK butting heads at FSU. Both heavy alpha presences.


Strait Vibin beat Steve Marino in a match when he was 14 and his dad was a professional tennis player. Grew up deep in the #JupLife scene in south Florida. I have to imagine he rolled up the FSU with quite the ego.


Let’s not forget at the end of the day golf is an individual sport… yes there are team components… HS, NCAA, Ryder Cup etc… but for a majority of these guys lives they are individuals only looking out for themselves and competing vs everyone else.

We should actually be surprised at how some of these guys (Rickie, JT59, Spieth, etc) all get along vs everyone hating each other.