Friday Feels + NLU Architecture Musings


3 persimmon clubs?


Well butter my butt and call me a biscuit.


Neither of these. It’s more about the sum of the parts than it is one big splash.


I have to say…this thread has some fairly negative feedback. Some of it constructive, a good bit of it whiny. Human nature suggests it is easier to provide negative comments, so I’ll give my opinion (which is opposite of that) for clarity sake.

I absolutely love the latest (April) content. Frankly, I want to hear about all things golf from NLU. LPGA, in depth stats, travel, architecture, all of it. The more golf of all forms, the better.

Mark Broadie pod was awesome, Bones was one of the best pods ever, Periscope vids have been on point, Masters coverage was great. I might be in the minority, but I LOVED the Bandon pods. I’ve been wanting to go for years, so…I found it very informative.

Heritage, Valero, Zurich…blah. Nothing to see here. I can watch on TV with the sound off. I don’t need an in depth analysis from the NLU guys. I’d much rather watch a few Periscope vids of Bandon.

Golf course architecture plays a huge factor in my overall enjoyment of the game. I like hearing discussion about it. If you don’t know what a term means, look it up! If you don’t care, then don’t listen to that Pod.

Feedback is great and I think it helps the content overall. Frankly, I’m happy to have a forum by which we can express these opinions. But, it’s also important that the NLU guys know a group of their audience really enjoys this content as well.


Perfect timing to drop the Fleetwood pod


Care for another top 15 player this week as well?


Need Rahm, straight in the arm.


Find the vein.


Nice work @Soly . But if JR doesn’t drop a few bars from 8 Mile I’m gonna be disappointed.


doesnt “cheeky” just mean “bunt”. ie “Cheeky 3-wood”. I can tell that the NLU crew are readers and have strong vocabulary skills. So please stop using words like “criminal” to describe a golf hole. i dont know what hipster golf talk is, but that might be. Thx.

i love design though, i dont think its high brow at all. I think NLU wants to make golf fun and they are pointing out what makes a golf hole/course more fun than another- and that comes back to design.

content business is hard. i couldnt do it. i think they score the most points when they get inside the ropes and interview the biggest personalities. that’s what i listen to, i tune out the rest unless i have a trip planned and need addtional info.


Rahm and Fleetwood in the same week. This is the greatest comeback since the 2012 Ryder Cup. Wait…


Rickie. NF.


Well I think that settles it.


@Tron did you putt your approach through the little wall gap at the Pit?


can anyone succinctly describe/define what “shot value” is? It’s been brought up on a number of the pods lately and I’m curious as to everyone’s definition. Is it more qualitative than quantitative?


These days, the analytical approach is encapsulated by something called “shot values.” A term bandied about at many a 19th hole, it seldom means the same thing from one golfer to the next. Golf Digest’s definition (“How well do the holes pose risks and rewards and equally test length, accuracy, and finesse?”) is probably the one that has most filtered down into the general population of golfers. That magazine’s architecture editor, Ron Whitten, made a couple of points via email that hint at what a rigorous mental exercise thinking about “shot values” can be. “It doesn’t require that each hole provide a variety of risks and rewards,” he notes, “just that the full 18 holes of a golf course do so.” So shot values must be considered both in relation to the individual hole as well as how that hole fits into the collective.


This goes some way to explaining:

In broader usage, I have found it is one of those terms that everyone seems to use differently.

Generally, it refers to the types and variety of shots a course asks you to hit.




I feel compelled to declare an official end to this thread, for the concerns I once expressed on it have been thoroughly extinguished over the past several months. In these trying times of enduring Peter Jacobson and Riggs, the Refuge has truly lived up to its name. Icarito has brought me more golf entertainment during the off-season than the PGA Tour did during the entire FedEx Cup playoffs. Dreary winter mornings are brightened by Tourist Sauce.

A lot has changed over these past months for the better, while the bones of NLU are as strong as ever. I’m not sure I have a point here, other than that I am grateful to the NLU guys for absolutely crushing it these past several months, staying true to the brand and staying engaged with their base while expanding this thing for the better. I can be critical from time to time, as we all can, but it’s important to give credit where credit is due. Credit, here, is overdue. Lots of it.

The jury is still out on whether Tron is a hipster and overuses the verb “traipse” (not that the two are related), but he’s still the f’ing man.


When the mid-April GCA flame wars reappear out of thin air: